Password notice to expose the Doomsday Conspiracy Dante trigger ultimate melee (video)

"Password" notice to expose the Doomsday Conspiracy Dante trigger ultimate melee Dante "password" Doomsday Conspiracy notice Landon return trigger ultimate melee entertainment Tencent by the Columbia film company produced 2016 IN burning brain adventure movie "Dante" ("Inferno") in the mainland in October 28th by 2D, IMAX and Chinese IMAX format and North America simultaneous release. Today, the film side exposed a new notice by Tom · Hanks’s Semiotics Harvard University professor Robert · Landon more than ten years after the mainland heavy return · and Feilixi twips; Jones, Omar · this match, · Forster, Iran who · Khan and several characters appeared together. In addition, in the thriller the flight of the contrast is chilling conspiracy, the end of the threat to the global crisis horizon become a matter of truth, and the life is unable to stop the ultimate melee triggered at any moment. Notice the awful truth hidden immediately started the ultimate melee exposure notice shows the urgent situation very hot burn brain. Along with Professor Landon serious monologue, shooting and explosion turns staged, does not stimulate the audience in every hour and moment of adrenaline. Around the end of the ultimate melee plot kicked off, the audience can easily feel the forces of the parties in the end crisis desperate for a sense of oppression, nervous rhythm extremely, compared with the previously released trailer is more intense, even more than the same type of films in the past. Among them, the blood breaking out from the wall, Street tunnel dead escape the lens is enough to the attention of the people. Well armed agents team spiraling down manhunt, behind the mysterious man issued ultimatum to cold, people worry about Landon. Landon can turn the tide, to prevent conspiracy to become the hero, has become the biggest suspense film. All the signs are that, Professor Landon love puzzle game, this time against the "big trouble", I am afraid it is not so easy to solve. Professor Landon declared return to face dangerous doomsday crisis ten years ago, the first song "series of films was · the Finch code" was born, Robert · Landon swept the world, still alive; and ten years later, Professor Landon separated for a long time once again return, no doubt is a happy thing to make fans. The professor Landon was involved in a conspiracy, enough to endanger the whole of the end of the world only he can break the puzzle, he also had to kill the various forces, who frequently. For a long time do not shoot the action of the Tom · Hanks naturally enough drama addiction, and even asked the make-up artist to give me a little more blood in the corner of the eye, it will be more cool". Thus, the film involves the action is very dangerous. Director Ron · Howard said: "Dante" password "and before the difference is around the story of a kill, and the time of emergency, to create a sense of tension a step forward." The exposure of the trailer is not difficult to see that the film is full of thrilling pictures. As "Robert.相关的主题文章: