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Mobil-.puting Cross platform mobile application development is a concept that application runs over multiple mobile platforms. We can divide this platform into two categories one required individual building and other can run directly on any mobile platform without any preparation. Here we discuss about the need of cross platform behind the reason about that before iPhone support objective c,blackberry support JAVA + blackberry apps, Android support JAVA + Android apps and windows phone support c#/Silverlight. If we see the overview of Smartphone sales then during 2007 to 2012 it grows rapidly. If we talk about the iPhone then it didnt allow the third party native code appears to be installed experts want to own content had to do so using HTML web apps running in the iPhone browser. There were some extensions to make such apps look like Apples apps rather than web pages but access to the hardware was limited. To over.e this problem Apple introduces an app store in 2008 with the excellent opportunity to create native apps using c language. Developers required a Mac, Xcode and only documented parts of API were easily available. On the other hand if we talk about the android phones then it captures more than 70 % of Smartphone market. But unlike an iPhone there is a huge variation of Android Smartphones like its screen resolution, size, processor, speed, memory, features and versions of OS matter. To over.e this problem suddenly develops mobile app that runs on multiple platform, Be.ing this goal is much difficult to achieve. But developers introduce HTML 5 web apps that with HTML 5 web code that running in app browsers are able to provide an increasingly rich client experience like Geo location, storage, audio, video offline working and much more. To see the boom in sales of mobile app development developer further introduced HTML 5 hybrid app that is upgraded version of HTML 5 user develop apps with a .bination of HTML 5 + JAVA script and usually some extra libraries. The big advantage of this version it gives a benefit of both HTML 5 apps and native apps. HTML hybrid apps gives a great advantage of device APIs and will run on both the apple iOS and Google Android. The fragmentation of Smartphone is really a big challenge for mobile application developers, This problem is over.e cross platform mobile apps development in Smartphone apps market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: