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Oral: take good girlfriends to dinner, I didn’t see her true colors public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! My girlfriend and I just met for two months, her father is a photographer, her mother is a retired worker, and her parents are traveling outside, so my girlfriend often take me to her house to cook. The first taste of girlfriend craft, I was secretly delighted to find people, she made me understand what is called life. She can cook, and do housework especially diligent, every time I go to her house and never let me begin to help, she said she would love to do housework, like exercise, every time I see myself clean the room there is a kind of happiness of accomplishment, then I will swear in my heart to take a lifetime to love her care. Know her time is not long, but my feelings for her is growing, I can’t wait to marry her home. So in the earlier this month with his girlfriend home to meet my parents, I’m glad that my parents will love my girlfriend, but the result was very surprised. My dad doesn’t have any attitude towards his girlfriend. He always says that he likes me. But my mother, just opened the door to see her girlfriend, I found her face. I asked my girlfriend to sit on the sofa and watch TV. My mother called me into the kitchen and whispered to me that she had seen her on the bus the other day. I feel puzzled, so many people on the bus, my mom how so artful on my girlfriend impressed, then my mother said this woman character too poor, no quality no accomplishment, if I take this home to marry daughter-in-law, home is a mess. I wonder, I say girlfriend can cook and love to do housework, such a virtuous woman marry home how to do? My mother said that she took the bus to buy back, the car was more people, my girlfriend sat in special seats, probably sat two or three stops, a more than and 70 year old man, was standing beside my girlfriend, but my girlfriend didn’t say your seat up. There is a standing man to remind my girlfriend to the old man to sit, who knows that she not only do not let, but also spit on the skin of others, even the driver can not see, let her give a seat. Then she told some of the passengers on the bus driver and quarreled, said no seat, the old man still grumble that old blind walk out what ah. After listening to my mother, I can’t believe that his girlfriend is a person like this, so my mother strongly disagreed with us, she thinks a girl if at least zunlaoaiyou do not know, the future is certainly not filial piety. I love my parents very much, so their opinion to a large extent affected my girlfriend’s judgment. But at noon or with your girlfriend for lunch, afternoon after leaving home, I went to my parents don’t agree with her on the grounds of a break, she also agreed, after breaking her contact with me a few times, that is to compound, I couldn’t have told her the truth later, she had no contact with me, but I have missed her, how to do? The source (meow Xiaoqian blog) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: