Northern pollution regiment once again dirty Wuhan air, is expected to moderate pollution-rosstallanma

North Wuhan air pollution group is expected to be dirty again in the heavily polluted the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Sheng) the Daily reporter yesterday from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, affected South North sources, the city will usher in a moderate to severe pollution, pollution is expected to process will continue to two days. Reporters in the City Environmental Protection Bureau website query related monitoring data found that the city’s hourly air quality index (AQI) from 13 to 18 breakthrough 100 after reaching a slight pollution, has continued until 15 o’clock yesterday, yesterday, 13 hours, the city hour AQI was close to moderate pollution levels. By 16 o’clock yesterday, our city hour AQI began to drop to 100, barely reached "good"". After 1 hours, the hourly AQI was 87, and the air quality remained at a good level. However, yesterday at 17 o’clock, the City Environmental Protection Bureau issued micro-blog said, according to the analysis of meteorological conditions, it is expected that around this morning, pollution groups will gradually affect our city, our city may appear a moderate to severe pollution process. Last night, although the cold air strikes, but the intensity is weak, the wind is not big, at night there is a slight rain, the role of pollutant clearance is limited. Provincial Environmental Protection Department analysis, said the province was the first polluted air mass southward impact is Xiangyang city. 12, by a wide range of haze process in North China, Xiangfan hours AQI index by 18 the 110 to 13 increased rapidly at 6 on 310 at the same time, the Northern Hubei Province by low pressure control, the formation of inversion layer is stable, diffusion conditions, pollution accumulation, combined with external input, relative to other city air pollution more serious. Reporters observed that, in addition to this northern pollutant southward is expected to make the local air quality deterioration, this month 6 days there was a more obvious process of pollutants southward, and that the air pollution process with the wind and heavy rainfall and the rapid end. It is understood that, since January to October this year, including 17 major cities in Wuhan Province, including air quality has improved significantly. The cumulative average value of PM10 (respirable particulate matter) in the province was 80 micrograms per cubic meter, a decrease of 20% compared with the same period last year, a decrease of 8% compared with the same period of 2013; the mean value of PM2.5 was 50 micrograms per cubic meter, which was 21.9% lower than that of the same period last year. In October this year, the proportion of good air quality days between 83.9% and 100% in the 17 key cities of the province, the average number of fine days was 95.6%, 40% higher than the same period last year.

北方污染团再度弄脏武汉空气 预计此次将中重度污染   本报讯(记者张晟)长江日报记者昨日从市环保局获悉,受到北方污染气团南下的影响,我市将迎来一次中度到重度污染的过程,预计污染过程将持续一至两天。   记者在市环保局网站查询相关监测数据发现,我市小时空气质量指数(AQI)从13日18时突破100达到轻度污染后,一直持续至昨天15时,其中昨天13时,我市小时AQI一度接近中度污染水平。   到了昨日16时,我市小时AQI开始下降至100,勉强达到“良”。1小时后,小时AQI为87,空气质量保持在良的水平。   不过,昨日17时许,市环保局发布微博称,根据气象条件分析,预计今日凌晨前后污染团将逐渐影响我市,我市可能出现一次中度到重度污染过程。昨晚,虽有冷空气来袭,但强度较弱,风力不大,夜间有短时小雨,对污染物清除作用有限。   省环保部门分析称,我省最早受到污染气团南下影响的是襄阳市。12日,受华北地区大范围雾霾过程影响,襄阳小时AQI指数由18时的110迅速上升到13日6时的310,同时湖北省北部受低气压控制,形成较稳定的逆温层,扩散条件较差,污染不断积累,结合外部输入,空气污染相对其他城市更为严重。   记者观察发现,除了本次北方污染物南下预计将使本地大气质量恶化以外,本月6日曾有一次较为明显的污染物南下过程,而那次大气污染过程随着大风和强降雨的发生而迅速结束。   据了解,今年1月至10月以来,包括武汉在内的全省17个重点城市空气质量出现了明显改善。全省PM10(可吸入颗粒物)累计均值为80微克 立方米,与去年同期相比下降两成,与2013年同期相比下降8%;PM2.5均值为50微克 立方米,与去年同期相比下降21.9%。今年10月份,全省17个重点城市空气质量优良天数比例在83.9%至100.0%之间,平均优良天数比例为95.6%,较去年同期提高四成。相关的主题文章: