New song champion predicted China’s new song bird’s nest finals Jiang Dunhao Xu Geyang

The song sound prediction   "China champion; new song" bird’s nest   finals; Jiang Dunhao Xu Geyang – Jiangxi Channel – original title: Song "Chinese new song sound prediction championship finals Jiang Dunhao Xu Geyang" bird’s nest Jiang Dunhao folk won the praise of Jiang Dunhao, was born in May 21, 1995 in Xinjiang Bortala, China mainland male singer, graduated from the Xinjiang Arts Institute. In 2016, China’s new song player, singing a "sky city" successfully joined the Wang Feng group. Singing "Ulan Bator night" to qualify for Wang Feng 5. Jiang Dunhao was the first time to get on the stage in the blind, singing the song is the city of the sky, the performance is quite good, was evaluated by the Wang Feng: "you want to sing more beautiful than Li Zhi"". After the program aired, the song on the network is very popular, so that in this summer, once again become a hot song, Jiang Dunhao in China’s new song, the popularity of the list is topped the list of students. The boy looks after 95 young and shy, quiet with a guitar, singing, and simple tunes successfully captured the public’s heart. From the "Nanshan south", "Youth" Jin to the "sky city", the "bridge", more and more folk songs by the popular variety show, sought after by the general public. Jiang Dunhao became one of the top six students in the bird’s nest night, a step away from the championship. We can not help but guess, he will not like Zhang Lei in the final victory? (commissioning editor Qiu Ye and Mao Siyuan)相关的主题文章: