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for a new mom? The new mothers of today simply adore jewelry which represents their motherhoodbut few want that same old birthstone jewelry. The women of today look for new kinds of jewelry that portray pictures of their babies or their names, while still being trendy. Here are 5 types of necklaces which the new mom will find to be stunning Birthstone Pendant Necklace This is for the more traditional new mom who still favors birthstones. This is a very trendy necklace for mothers and is essentially has a sterling disk pendant which can have up to 5 names engraved upon it along with the birthstones. Raised Charm necklace The raised rim charm necklace is bound to delight any new mom! It is a pearl pendant necklace with a small disc that hangs on silver ball chain with a pearl. It also will have a crystal or a small birthstone. The disc can be engraved with the babys name. The disc itself has a satin finish, thanks to the brushing and the letters are oxide and hand stamped to give a beautiful effect. Up to 4 charms can be added to a single necklace. Mommy Tag This is especially popular amongst celebrity mothers. The beautiful necklace .es with a Baby heart/love tag which symbolizes and represents the mothers eternal love for her children. The tag is hung on a 20 sterling silver necklace. The Birds Nest This is the perfect necklace for mothers with twins. Pearls are set in silver (so basically falls under pearl necklaces) and it is hand stamped and has a small pendant which can be of any shape and ac.modate seven letters. The pendant hangs quite gracefully from a handmade birds nest of wire which has been made with oxidized silver. There is a heart and a garnet stonethe nest can have 3 eggs in it which .e in various colors like milky alabaster, garnet, green apatite, blue apatite or a white pearl. Name Charm Necklace This is an extremely trendy type of variant. It has a small silver-gold alloy charm with gold in front and silver at back. The graceful look is increased by hand pounded thin and light charms. The charms can ac.modate up to 9 letters and writing is done by an artist. The necklace can be adorned with various precious gem stones too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: