National day seven day movie box office 1 billion 580 million; down 15.1%– Fujian Channel – P shuyue

The seven day National Day box office 1 billion 580 million   down 15.1%– Fujian channel — original title: national day seven day box office 1 billion 580 million fell by 15.1% year-on-year in September the summer box office was flat, fell sharply, this year’s National Day movie is expected. Last night the whole seven days of data show that the national box office 1 billion 580 million yuan, of which, "action" on the Mekong River reputation at the box office 530 million yuan to become the National Archives: champion, "passing from your world" (hereinafter referred to as "the world") of about 463 million yuan, about 271 million yuan of "grand track". Compared with last year’s national archives, the box office this year to reduce 280 million yuan, down by up to 15.1%. The National Archives formed in 2008 "the painted" film, and in 2009 the National Archives "the founding of a republic", "wind", in 2014 the National Archives "and" put heart flower road "dear" hugely popular. Last year, "Hong Kong" and "Sherlock trouble" became the National Day file explosion, the two box office reached the final 1 billion 600 million and 1 billion 400 million. There are a dozen new movie released this year the national archives, quality uneven in quality. "The world" broke 600 million yuan, into the box office champion, but the reputation is flat, "watercress" only on the score of 5.6. "The whole world" is the biggest box office schedule subsidies, released on the first day if the theater row piece reach 50% per ticket, third party ticket platform subsidies 5.1-13.1 yuan, the next row of film reached 30%, up 8.1~15.1 yuan ticket. Film "light" has acquired the cat’s movie has third party ticket platform ticket to start their own, natural handy. "The Mekong River action" is the biggest surprise this year the national archives, a good reputation for a way to counter attack at the box office. Based on the 2011 Mekong "10? 5" real cases to show the process of adaptation, Chinese police chase cross-border "Golden Triangle" drug lord. Lin Chaoxian, director of high difficulty movement play a unique story, compact rhythm and fast clip, so that the film has both scenes, and depicts the process of the real dangerous drug. The audience generally said that the Mekong River blood shock. As for Guo Jingming’s "grand track", after the release of the movement is not small, as a whole CG film suffered There were many discussions. "The times" series even called "PPT", there are still fans behind, can "grand track" fans support as before. Some netizens ridicule "grand track" special "3D web game", "collect ten facial paralysis 5 hair piece". However, the director is still full of confidence in the face of criticism. But from the current total of 340 million yuan at the box office, investors lose no doubt. Because the film investment 200 million yuan, the box office to $600 million to make money. Jing Wong with "Macao vice" series Chizha Spring Festival stalls, called a bad film, the box office has been strong. The "trump card" with ACE rotten to finally scare the audience, the film clips stiff, starring Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming did not insist on comedy cells, laugh, embarrassing and frequent disease. This year is "I am the National Archives of us", "Robinson Crusoe", "warrior armor," Crazy Fishing King "the ugly duckling" and other animated film released)相关的主题文章: