Nanjing 100 electric cars drive two months within six months of free rolling investment (video) havd707

Nanjing 100 electric cars drive two months within six months of free rolling into walking too tired? Crowded bus? Is too expensive to buy a car? How about renting an electric car for free? As a new energy vehicle pilot city, the modern express reporter learned yesterday, Nanjing bus travel Awareness Week "has just started, launched" free electric vehicles "and other activities that benefit the public after registration, you can test 2 months free. Expected in the second half, Nanjing will be the electric car rental points and public bicycle rental points together to facilitate the transfer of public. Experience the public site registration, free electric vehicles rented home yesterday, in the "free electric vehicles, green Nanjing" campaign of new energy vehicles, 100 cars Geely K17 pure electric cars neatly arranged on both sides of the road outside Jinling library, waiting for the first batch of people to sign their free home. Before I do not understand the new energy electric vehicles, just listen to the introduction, know the unit to build electric vehicle charging pile, on the registration of a car." Mr. Yang is a staff member of the Jinling library activities, when I heard that you can free in the car, drive the vehicle, by virtue of his identity card, driving license, account of this site registration, immediately got the car keys. This group is provided by Nanjing puma Electric Vehicle Service Co. Ltd. of pure electric vehicles, a total of 100 vehicles. Can the public certificate registration, free test drive 60 days. These 100 cars, but also within six months of rolling investment, so that more people to experience the convenience of new energy vehicles. Want to free test drive of the public, can also be registered. It is reported that electric vehicles with environmental protection, energy saving, quiet and other advantages, the cost per kilometer is equivalent to 17 of ordinary cars. However, due to the high cost of the car, the charge is difficult, short mileage and many other factors, some people also hold a wait-and-see attitude for new energy vehicles. Free test drive event, it is hoped to deepen the public for new energy vehicles, understanding and cognition. In this activity, the puma company also will be free of charge for enterprises and personal use of electric cars with the construction of charging facilities. The future of electric car sharing rental, and public bike shuttle from March this year, Nanjing’s first electric car rental in the New City Mansion floor, up to now, the new energy car rental in Nanjing has reached more than and 10, most concentrated in the parking lot of government agencies and enterprises. At present, we are in addition to the bus rental, but also a long lease business and time-sharing leasing business." The general manager of Nanjing puma electric automobile service Co., Li Xin said, the second half of this year, they will be for the enterprise and individual users, and vigorously promote the new energy automobile leasing business. Li Xin introduction, timeshare business, just as a public bike is convenient, easy to download the public network APP with mobile phone charging, registration, audit status, will be able to rent an electric car, half an hour to spend only 7 dollars cheaper than a taxi. To the second half of this year, will also proceed with the electric vehicle and public bicycle feeder. Nanjing City Department of transportation Deputy Secretary Wu Hongbing said: "we are currently promoting the new energy vehicle rental and public bicycle station access point, in the vicinity of public bike rental points in the layout of new energy vehicles rental, facilitate the transfer." "Gong?相关的主题文章: