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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews If youre looking to invest in a handcrafted rug, then you should definitely consider buying a Moroccan rug. These rugs are known for their mystic designs and beautiful handwork. If youre looking for Moroccan rugs which are custom made, then you should definitely browse the collection at Doris Leslie Blau in New York City. Not only do they make amazing rugs, the rugs which are on offer there have a vintage look and feel which can lend a different personality to your home. Moroccan Rugs These rugs are hand knotted in far away Nepal, by the finest craftsmen. These rugs are made so that they have an authentic look and feel and those purchasing it get value for their money. In fact, you can also custom design your own rug, using a design of choice and your own colours too. They even offer to let you have a say about the yarn used for weaving. So Doris Leslie Blau is the place to go to if you are looking to invest your money in a great Moroccan rug. These rugs are flat woven and are available in a variety of shag or pile lengths, depending on your needs. In fact, if you go in for the custom made variety, you can design Moroccan carpets to suit the dimensional and other requirements of your home. You dont have to merely pick out a rug from a collection of standard designs or a catalogue! History The custom Moroccan rugs on offer in various stores are beautiful because you can use them when the vintage rugs which you are looking for, are in short supply. In fact, if you are a lover of all things antique, you should definitely consider getting a Moroccan rug for your home because they .plement antiques beautifully. These rugs provide the perfect setting in which you can put your costly antique furniture and knick knacks. So how did this practice of weaving rugs .e about in Morocco? For many, many years, the Berber tribes who lived in the Middle or the High regions of the Atlas Mountains situated in the plains around the Marrakech wove beautiful Moroccan rugs. In fact, Moroccan Berber women wove these beautiful rugs for fabrics and wall hangings and domestic purposes. There is a rich history behind these rugs because they represent centuries of meticulous Moroccan craftsmanship. These tribal women continued to preserve this ancient art form, with the skill being passed down from mother to daughter, generation, after generation. Even today, the principal weavers of these Moroccan rugs are women. So when you are purchasing a hand crafted Moroccan rug, not only are you buying a rug, you are also buying a slice of history for your home. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: