Money is not terrible! Hilary raised $5 million 500 thousand a day to get tired of pneumonia

Money is not terrible! Hilary daily raised $5 million 500 thousand tired a day are pneumonia suction gold to raise 5 million 500 thousand US Democratic presidential candidate Hilary · Clinton; in spite of the media attention and discussion of the enemy opponent, Republican presidential candidate Donald · Trump, but the way ahead in terms of fundraising. From the campaign started only less than two months, Hilary’s campaign "gold" sprint, Obama strive to break the record of 1 billion dollars in the record in the 2012 election. Popularity spell money! The Associated Press reported on 11, in early September, Hilary at the rally in space intensive various fundraising activities, only 9 a day will raise at least $5 million 500 thousand. Reported that Hilary day in Missouri, Kansas City, attended at least two fund-raising activities. The first field is in a private Holdings Company president home, 30 "gold master" to "pay tribute to her $1 million 500 thousand; she later came to another concert fundraising site, won the $about 4000000 donation. Hilary was originally scheduled to go to California 12 to participate in a number of fund-raising activities, but in the 9· 11 anniversary of the physical discomfort, then canceled the day trip. Hilary’s campaign team in August raised a total of $143 million in political donations, a record since her election. According to The Associated Press statistics, as of the end of August, Hilary had raised $600 million in donations, "gold" amazing ability. A telephone conference around Hilary a few staff in the last week of the last task to fundraising department, allow them to raise at least $100 million in November 8th before the election day, which does not include the small network donations and mail donations. Hilary’s campaign team can earn can spend". According to the British media consulting firm, said Hilary, every month for more than and 700 people’s campaign team out of $5 million in wages for the campaign to pay $40 million TV advertising. Recently, she also rented a high priced Boeing 737 aircraft as a personal plane, and in accordance with the specifications of the U.S. presidential plane called the Hilary one". At the end of the money faster The Associated Press analysis, former presidential election, one or two months before the election day is often the fastest stage to raise money. This is mainly because the election became clear, many before holding the money and not to let go of the "golden master" to the most likely candidate to win the election "throwing money". In 2008, Obama’s first presidential campaign last moment ushered in the "cash tide", many of the staff was sent to remember donor checks piled up. In September 2008, Obama’s campaign raised $153 million in political donations, more than the previous two months. Cash on hand than trump camp Hilary campaign team available more than $55 million. The Associated Press just such an account: even if the cost of $2 million 200 thousand a day, lasted until November 8th’s presidential election, Hilary’s team also don’t have to worry about funding "run out of ammunition and food supplies". According to prop相关的主题文章: