Ministry of housing, the Ministry of finance to rectify the illegal Internet financial market

The Ministry of housing led rectification of Internet financial funds into the property market with the Ministry of housing led rectification of Internet financial funds into the property market Li Le being experienced in the real estate market, intermediary business such as a history of the most stringent rectification at the same time, the real estate market sources of funds will be faced with a constraint specification strong strength. At present, the official has to be carried out this work is characterized as clean up". Internet banking, P2P and other sources of funds for the property market, was placed in the focus of care status. The Ministry of housing and urban development (hereinafter referred to as the "Ministry of housing") has been in conjunction with the head office of the people’s Bank and other financial regulatory authorities to determine, will be carried out specifically for Internet banking, P2P illegal to enter the property market funds "special rectification work". Prior to this, the people’s Bank of China headquarters has asked commercial banks to strictly control financial products and other off balance sheet business to the real estate market funds. Commission and other departments have also tightened the real estate business refinancing, corporate debt issuance, H-share listing and other regulatory caliber, the real estate market funds face, is facing reshuffle. "Clean up and rectify", "there has been a qualitative analysis of the upcoming work, is to ‘clean up’." The morning of October 26th, a local housing and urban construction system insiders told the "Chinese business newspaper" reporter, the Ministry of housing is preparing to lead to Internet banking, P2P funds into the real estate market to carry out special rectification work. The work will be jointly organized by the Ministry of housing and the people’s Bank of China, the CBRC, the local finance office, Ministry of industry and other functions, regulatory authorities. Recently, the Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction system, in a variety of ways, to convey this information, and related work arrangements. In late September, facing the mainland Chinese multiple City real estate market showing the overheated market, the rapid rise in real estate prices trend, the central decision-making made to strengthen the city facilities strategy, classification regulation policy, has been more than 21 city introduced the relevant measures to stabilize the local real estate market. Among them, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities to stabilize the local real estate market measures more stringent. Three independent news sources confirmed to reporters, in the decision-making process in late September, the central decision-making, emphasizes three aspects of ways and means, one is the purchase, credit limit and other means through the situation, stabilize the real estate market; the two is to regulate the real estate market order, to guide market expectations stable the crackdown false news to drive up prices; three is the capital of the real estate market norms, to avoid potential systemic risk. The Ministry of housing in conjunction with the head office of the people’s Bank, the CBRC, the local finance office for the P2P, the Internet financial funds into the property market in the "rectification" to carry out rectification work participation, which is an important part of the spirit of the central decision-making. Prior to this, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places of the Department of housing and urban construction, industrial and commercial departments, focus on regulating the real estate market transaction order, clean up and rectify a number of illegal sales, illegal advertising of real estate development enterprises and intermediary.相关的主题文章: