Mclaren Win Hungarian Grand

UnCategorized For the second week in a row it was another action packed weekend of Grand Prix, McLaren’s Jenson Button took the chequered flag to show Red Bull they’re going to have a real fight on their hands after the summer break. There’s now a three week break before the season starts again, with two of those weeks being .pulsory down-time when none of the teams are allowed to work, to ensure all the teams get some holiday in a long season. The next race is Belgium, August 28. It was a fitting win for Button as he was celebrating his 200th Grand Prix drive – and he achieved the first victory of his career in Hungary which made the weekend extra sweet for him. It took over a hundred races before he secured his first victory, but between then and now he won the drivers’ championship and is firmly established as a popular driver who has the abilty to challenge and win any of the races against not only his teammate and fellow world champion Lewis Hamilton but against anyone another team puts up against him – including current leader Sebastian Vettel. The weekend’s only downside was when someone hacked into his website to announce that he had had a serious accident on the Saturday night – the site was quickly restored to its original content and Jenson put out on twitter that whoebver had done it ‘needs to get a life and some friends.’ The win was typical in that the race was in tricky conditions, with intermittent rain that saw Lewis Hamilton make the wrong decision to change tyres while Button stayed out on the track, and he excels when conditions aren’t perfect for car and driver – while others are making some poor judgements he seems to be able to adapt quicker than his peers and is the most likely to win – if ever he vists the casino after the Monaco Grand Prix he would be the calmest in the building when pressure was mounting! As well as making a wrong call for fresh tyres, Lewis Hamilton also had a drive through penalty to contend with, and from earlier in the race when he was swapping the lead with Button he did well to eventually .e fourth after a total of six pit stops – beating Red Bull’s Mark Webber in the process. Sebastian Vettel came second, but extended his lead in the championship thanks to Button winning and beating off other challenges, but he will know he will need to be just as consistent after the summer break to secure overall victory in 2011 with the two British McLaren drivers both driving well, and their car now able to not just match but beat the Red Bull he drives after dominating much of the early races in the season, with the exception of Shanghai when Hamilton won. Speaking after the race, lewis Hamilton said that he felt as though he had let the team down as it would have been good for McLaren to secure a 1-2 thus putting extra pressure on Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel during the summer break, and said that he felt that his two fron tyres were the reason he came in for a tyre change, which ultimately left him off the podium in Hungary, after winning the German Grand Prix just a week ago. He also said that there had been problems with his radio when .municating with the McLaren team in the pits, he could hear the McLaren engineers but they couldn’t hear him. A sure sign that just one part of the overall equipment in today’s F1 has to be working perfectly for it not to affect the overall chances of winning. Meanwhile Jenson Button characteristically played down his own driving by saying that it wasn’t the rain that was the ultimate factor in securing his victory – it was because McLaren had a faster car, and while Sebastian Vettel might still be well in the lead, it will be a worry to Red Bull that if he has a retirement or two in the last races of the season, and Hamilton and Button keep winning and securing top positions, the championship could still be lost to McLaren and Button – or more likely Hamilton. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: