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What are the women prone to postpartum hemorrhage? – maternal head of a Sohu since ancient times, is the cause of maternal mortality, postpartum hemorrhage. 2014 WHO report revealed that in every one hundred deaths due to childbirth of pregnant women, postpartum hemorrhage of up to 30 people. What women are more prone to postpartum hemorrhage, how to deal with? What were prone to postpartum hemorrhage? Cesarean section increases, abortion, increased uterine scar ratio increased, which was mainly caused by factors of postpartum hemorrhage. In contrast, the elderly, scarred uterus, multiple births, amniotic fluid, and Placenta Adhesion of pregnant women, more prone to postpartum hemorrhage. How to deal with postpartum hemorrhage?. Obstetricians should pay more attention to the women who are more prone to postpartum hemorrhage, and can be used to prevent postpartum hemorrhage after economic conditions permit. Because of the long-term oxytocin simple and convenient, the effect of time is longer, the global scientific research results show that long-acting oxytocin better reduce the severe postpartum hemorrhage. Two is an emergency control. For high-risk pregnancy patients, in addition to oxytocin, should be used in conjunction with uterotonics. Drug treatment, the role of emergency prevention and control. If there is still a lot of bleeding in the normal delivery process, you can use a number of balloon compression, uterine strip packing, or even vascular ligation. Three if the appearance of postpartum hemorrhage, should use therapeutic uterotonics. Usually, one minute bleeding more than 150 ml is severe bleeding, then use the treatment of uterotonics.相关的主题文章: