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La Eficacia De Los Artículos Promocionales Posted By: Andrea Picaso La promoción de servicios y productos mediante material escrito, y transmitido en cualquier soporte es tan vieja como la cultura humana. Desde el mismísimo momento en que alguien trató de convencer o influir en las decisiones de un similar, hasta el márketing de proximidad o las formas más tecnológicamente avanzadas para comunicar una idea, el espíritu sigue siendo el mismo. Queremos generar una acción en nuestros semejantes, y obtener un lucro de esto, eso es publicidad. Y una de las maneras en que podemos lograrlo es mediante los artículos promocionales. La promoción por medio de artículos y contenido escrito es una de las prácticas más tradicionales, y no por eso menos efectiva. Sin embargo, es necesario aggiornarse a las nuevas costumbres y hábitos de los consumidores para lograr el máximo provecho de estas acciones. Los estudios demuestran que los consumidores reciben de buen grado la publicidad, siempre y cuando sea leal y no intrusiva. Entonces es necesario no desaprovechar la oportunidad que las notas de promoción nos ofrecen para hacer llegar de forma asertiva nuestro mensaje. He aquí una serie de tips sobre qué hacer y qué no al momento de escribir artículos promocionales. No mienta, ni disimule.

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Palabra clave Twitter Y Networking Para Dummies Posted By: Andrea Picaso

Palabra clave Posted By: Andrea Picaso

Palabra clave Marketing Strategy Using Powerful Article Posted By: Wan M Hirwan Wan Hussain If you were given a proven method to quickly boost your search engine traffic and drive more visitors to your site each and every day, would you take it? Of course you would, who wouldn’t? Bum marketing is a way of using articles, either your own or those you have purchased, as platforms into which you will embed affiliate links. The best article sites to submit articles on to use for this purpose are, and, which are all include massive article directory sites and are at the top of the Google search engine rankings.Recently, Matt Callen has decided to reveal an incredibly powerful strategy of his for doing just that with little to no extra work. It’s one of those ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ types of strategies that anyone can implement no matter what type of website or niche market they’ve got. Matt has spent a good majority of his online business time researching and developing new ways to increase traffic to his site. And it’s proven to be one of the most influential reasons for his success online. The more visitors he gets, the more customers he gets. It’s that simple.

article power Mars And Venus: ‘moving Towards’ Or ‘moving Away From’ Posted By: Peter Lawlesss All too often sales people assume that buyers use the same criteria to make a purchase as they would. This can lead to frustration and indeed some serious self doubt on a sales person’s behalf. "They just don’t get it", you may think to yourself. The reality is that not everyone thinks the same way. This is the first in a series of articles that looks at how you make choices, your customer makes choices, and how to realign your sales strategy, should they be different to you. Without knowing a person’s strategy, you could be emphasising all the wrong points. What does moving towards or away from mean? With all of us, two things matter. The first is engaging activities that please us. The second is avoiding activities that cause us pain. So when I say people are moving towards, I mean that they tend to spend most of their time trying to move towards pleasure. On the other hand, some people predominantly spend their time avoiding pain. In NLP, this is often referred to as one of their strategies. I say predominantly, because most people will do both;

buyers Mars And Venus: What Makes Sense To Buyers? Posted By: Peter Lawlesss Did you ever feel that the person you were speaking to was living on another planet? Did it ever cross your mind that they might think the same about you? This is what can happen if your communication with your customer is not in synch with their sense of reality. I am using the term sense, however to mean how they actually mentally process information. While each of us has five senses, we normally perceive the world stronger through one than the other four. Knowing which sense a person favours, can really help your levels of communication with that person. Did you ever forget something, like the name of a song, and you were describing your frustration to someone at not being able to remember it. Which of the following 5 sentences might you use to describe your situation? It is so frustrating; I can feel it right on the tip of my tongue. I nearly have it; I can hear it clearly in my head. It’s so close; I can see it in my mind’s eye. I want to remember that so badly, I can almost taste it. It just stinks not being able to remember it.

buyers Mars And Venus: How Does Venus Know They Got It Right? Posted By: Peter Lawlesss Knowing that buyers have different agendas to sales people is half the battle. Like any relationship, once you know how the other person likes to make decisions, and you react appropriately, then that relationship becomes stronger. To be a successful in sales or business, you must create strong relationships. This article, brings you one step closer to understanding yourself and your customer or prospect. First; how do you know when you got it right You may have heard of the phrase what pushed your buttons. In other words, what sorts of things motivate you or make you happy? Given we do most things in life because we want to, and moan about the things we hate, it is important to understand yourself in this context. What this is actually telling you about yourself is whether or not your own opinion matters most to you, or other people’s opinions. I want you to answer the following question truthfully without peeking at the explanation. How do you know when you have done a good job? How you answer this question, will tell you a lot about yourself. In particular, you will understand whose opinion is important to you.

buyers Sales: Align With Your Buyer’s Objectives To Close Sales Quickly Posted By: Peter Lawlesss What is the most important reason that sales fail to close on time or even close at all? When you get a mismatch by sellers selling forward and buyers buying backwards! Sounds like double Dutch? Well this article discusses how to position your proposition in line with the prospect to make them an eager buyer. Do you remember the last time you bought something that you were really looking forward to owning? What did it feel like when you finally got it, were you excited? Good sales people arouse that level of excitement in ownership, with their customers. Was it a house or car, I bet you couldn’t wait to get hold of the keys! For this example, I am going to assume that the purchase was for a house. But a lot of things had to be done first. You had to make sure that you really wanted what you were going to get, you did your due diligence, after you had responded to some form of marketing communication. You made sure that what you were going to purchase met your needs. Can you remember how the sales person helped you along the way?

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