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Press-Releases Marigolds are aromatic herbaceous plants grown all throughout the world. They have plenty of species. Species of marigolds can either be perennial, lasting through many years, or annual, lasting only a year. They belong to the sunflower family. Common marigolds have two species. They are the Calendula officinalis and the Tagetes. The former is native to Europe while the latter is native to North and South America. As of today, demands of marigolds are high. Such herbaceous plants have varied uses after all. As we all know, marigolds are not only extremely good for our health, but they are also extremely good for our beauty. Stated next are valid arguments why marigolds are extremely good for our health and for our beauty. They are healthy to eat. They are full of flavor, too. In fact, many countries used marigolds as natural flavorings to numerous dishes and salads. Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Bolivia are among the countries that regard marigolds as culinary herbs. Both dried and fresh leaves of marigolds are used to enhance the flavor of soups, sauces and the like. In Europe, florets of marigolds are used as natural food colorings to a wide variety of food, including , among others, baked goods, confectioneries, pastas, dairy products, and frozen desserts. Without argument, marigolds are definitely healthier than commercial food colorings. That justifies why they are exceptional for our health. In Mexico, on the other hand, they are made into medicinal teas. Teas infused with marigolds are certainly more healthful than commercial ones. That is without doubt. Oils extracted from marigolds are, without question, perfect to use for massages as they contain essential oils. Such oils can also be used as skin softener. That explains why they are exceptional for our beauty. They naturally contain anti-viral, anti-genotoxic, and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, they can also be made into organic dye and can be used in perfumery, too. Those are some of the reasons why such herbaceous plants are excellent for health and for beauty, too. For you to uncover more facts about marigolds looking through the electronic book entitled The Magic of Marigolds Marigolds for Health and Beauty (Health Learning Series) kindle edition by Dueep J. Singh and John Davidson now will be a great thing to do, it is teeming with info that has to do with marigolds after all. You can take a look at it at today! About the Author: By: Labthink – Flexible packages should guarantee the packed content free from bacteria contamination, and be .plete with no inferior places in the pressured conditions. Thus, sealing strength testing and integrity testing for the flexible packages are necessary. By: Fusco Browne – Corporate Immigration Services, Corporate Immigration Service By: Shwetha KN – Renesas Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd. today announced that it will unveil its India-centric solutions developed at Renesas Electronics Indias India Solution Centre during Electronica India 2015, to be held from S … By: Thomas Cook – This article gives a detailed description on the services offered by leading banquet, reception and private party halls in Houston TX By: Indra Public Relations – The THRIVE .work, formerly known as EDCSPIN (Evelyn Douglin Center for Serving People In Need), is a 501(c)(3), that offers programs and services to individuals to help them reach their full potential. This year marks a very special celebration as The THRIVE .work w … By: MendonCottageBooks – At the present time, are you looking forward to gaining more ideas about the workouts for grownup? If, at the present time, you are looking forward to gaining more ideas about the workouts for grownup, then the e-book entitled Senior WorkoutsStay Fit and Healthy pape … By: Indra Public Relations – The THRIVE .work announces that Indra Public Relations is the agency of record. By: MendonCottageBooks – Arabian horses, also known as Arabian or Arab, are horses with finely chiseled bone structures, and refined, wedge-shaped heads. They also have large eyes, small muzzles, and large nostrils. By: HealthLearningSeries – There are a number of reasons why sleep is important to humans. But, let us define the meaning of sleep first. What is it? It is actually a natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body. It is during sleep that the brain in humans and other mammals undergoes a c … By: GardeningSeries – Are you at this instant looking forward to growing greens .anically? When you are, do you have adequate knowledge in the matter of growing greens .anically? When you do, start growing greens the .anic way now. When you do not, start it with by acquiring the e-book … 相关的主题文章: