Mao Shoulong in the face of the robber, weak woman why so calm (video) thinkpad s230u

Mao Shoulong: in the face of the robber, weak woman why so calm? [Abstract] gun, gun control, but must let the citizens have the right at home with a gun, allowing citizens to take up arms against the bandits, protect life and property safety, even as weak as a woman, can also take time for. Author: Mao Shoulong (Professor of Renmin University of China) on the evening of September 23, 2016 (China time early on September 24th), Chinese American women in their own work in Atlanta aquatic products store. A month ago, Chinese women, especially women, were often robbed of their business, and her husband bought a handgun as a protective tool. I didn’t expect to use it soon. That day, she was in the room, suddenly heard the aquatic shop to several robbers. She hid in the room 911 think impassability, waiting for the scoring room as a pre emptive attack rushed out of the room, so she picked up the pistol out of the door. The gunman discovered her for the first time and aimed the gun at the woman. Then in a short confrontation, and the women’s single hand gun immediately the criminals continue to fire, criminals have also opened fire, shooting down a weak woman robber, the other two robbers in the shootout rush to escape. The woman to the outside shot up, and then close the alarm. Chinese American woman was robbed, gun battle screen exposure, women calm God gun. The entire process for monitoring the video recorded in a multi angle. The Internet spread throughout the world. When the police arrived, they found that a man was shot dead. Two robbers escape face clear, estimates will soon be brought to justice. This event by the local police and praised by all sectors of society, especially by the local Chinese community praise. More happily, the police thought it was a justifiable defense. In contrast, online said a woman raped somewhere with the rapist penile fracture bleeding to death instead of manslaughter and sentenced to imprisonment, there is a world of difference. Not only that, because the two cohorts escaped being killed, the woman may take retaliatory measures, the police also for the woman to take protective measures. The United States shootings frequently, the general situation is the gunman opened fire on innocent people, and then criminals commit suicide, or escape was caught. As a result, each shooting case, have caused the United States second amendment to the right to question the gun. Many Chinese believe that the United States has the right to gun, too unsafe, and costly. They all tend to support Hilary. But this story, whether Chinese or American Chinese Chinese, all excited, really good feeling gun, because if there is no gun, the Chinese woman could not quickly take effective measures to protect themselves, not to mention the killing and get rid of criminals. In the past, people who support the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution believe that guns are good people to protect themselves. In the past this case only seen in the movie, a gunmen in a family through the living room, saw a eighty or ninety year old woman, did not take her seriously, but the old lady was calmly took out a gun, a gun out of the scoundrel. Now there is a weak woman reality version of the battle armed robbers, apparently the second amendment to the United States has injected new vitality. Support holding.相关的主题文章: