Man received secret courier into a serial scam one hundred and thirty thousand money cheated (video) huangshexiaoshuo

The mysterious man received courier into a series of hoax of one hundred and thirty thousand to buy a cheater cheated money chain trap man received mysterious express cheated one hundred and thirty thousand working in a company in Xi’an high tech Zone Gansu guy Liu, live frugally accumulated for many years, 130 thousand yuan to buy, because they received a courier, received a telephone, now all gone. Received mysterious courier guy fell into the trap around 11 am on October 5th, Liu was on duty, suddenly the office phone rang, so he went to express. Liu retrieved the courier, the courier found place in Shanghai, but he did not express it? He to express a single phone call in the past, a man claiming to be the courier company said, can tell him about the content express: express that you are now a commercial bank credit card overdraft 20 thousand before 12:30 in the afternoon, if not up, may be punished." Liu had heard of some similar telecommunications fraud news, so the content of the express questioned. The courier company staff said in a telephone, it may also be the financial fraud, but they are only responsible for the courier company to send, not the Liu, if you do not worry, he can call to their local police station in Shanghai. "Police" "goodwill" to remind the complete relaxation of vigilance subsequently, Liu’s phone was really transferred to the Shanghai municipal public security bureau". Liu told reporters, when the phone is called a "Marvin" officer, also took the initiative to report his alarm, saying he is the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation Baoshan three police team, then let Liu reported on their ID number. Everything seems to be nothing unusual. Liu said: "claiming to be police in Marvin, I provide ID information, told me that I do a card in the industrial and Commercial Bank of Shanghai City, overdrawn more than 20 thousand dollars, more than 20 thousand dollars involved in illegal money laundering cases." Liu was startled, at this time, the police also claimed Marvin "goodwill" to remind attention "fangpian liu". Holding a skeptical attitude, Liu hit Shanghai 114 special check the phone number just now. 114 to the Baoshan District criminal investigation team three telephone number, and the police call is a no.. It is the same number, let him relax vigilance. Female "prosecutor" "guiding case" was transferred out of 130 thousand yuan in Liu checked, the police horse and call to the Shanghai city procuratorate Zhang a female prosecutor there, let Liu and her understanding of the specific case. "She said that there was a criminal leader who pointed to me and told me to sell my personal information to him, and the head of the Crime Commission gave me 100 thousand dollars in bribes." Under the guidance of this female prosecutor, Liu opened a claim to be the Supreme People’s Procuratorate official website of People’s Republic of China, and the requirements of online fund inventory. "She sent a link to open the download, above the national emblem, written next to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, and then below writing my case number, my ID number, and then let me enter my bank card number and password in there." Xiao Liu recalls, "she’s the one."相关的主题文章: