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Taxi men not on the train dragged the driver said not to observe the situation recently, network transmission Chongqing a taxi to pull over when soliciting suddenly started, passengers will not drag the video caused a lot of attention of users. This car taxi licence Chongqing B why suddenly accelerated driving, regardless of is the right passenger door handle? Passengers on the streets of, Australia, was dragged along the line, the Internet is a video about a second or so, is a private car recorder pictures. Screen time is 7:34 on August 4th, the vehicle in front of a Yu B license taxi parked on the right side of the road. A tall man to pull the front door to the car, taxi, about 6 seconds later, the taxi suddenly started. However, the man outside the car did not loosen the door handle means, but took the door handle to run along with the car, and finally dragged a distance. In the picture taken by the traffic recorder, from time to time, a woman on the private car, "heaven, heaven," the cry. Through the traffic recorder video, the upper reaches of the news – Chongqing morning news reporter contacted on the day of the car to take the. "We didn’t know what was going on." Ms. Zhang said they could not hear what the taxi and passengers said, do not know why the taxi suddenly started. It is understood that at the time of the incident, Ms. Zhang and his family was prepared via Yuao Avenue MP Garden Road, because in front of the taxi for soliciting, also can stop their car. Something happened in the process. "The taxi pulled about for a while, then suddenly stopped and threw the man down." Ms. Zhang tells the story of the contents of the traffic recorder. After the man was thrown out of the car immediately stood up, after the case of Ms. Zhang because the car has gone, so not clear. The driver did not observe the right side of the video shot by Ms. Zhang, the upper reaches of the news – Chongqing morning news reporter by taxi body information, contact the company. Today (25), the taxi company staff after watching the video, the first time with someone taxi driver made contact, and the relevant information to the upper reaches of the news – Chongqing morning news reporter made a note. According to the taxi company survey, the driver involved from the Guanyin Bridge received a bill of lading, an item needs to be shipped to Yangjiaping. When traveling to the bridge of Yuao MP Garden Road, he found one of the passengers waved at the roadside, and was ready to pick up a single spell. The front of the passenger car, the driver said he was running a delivery order, want to go to Yangjiaping." The staff said, because the man and where to go is not on the way, the driver will be ready to leave, the man scolded the driver of a sentence. Subsequently, the driver started before the man was dragged. According to someone’s driver, because at that time to the left side of the lane line need to observe the left rearview mirror to the car, they do not pay attention to the right of the man pulled the door. Plus there has been no man will open the door, until the line is completed, the driver found that the man was dragged, and immediately stopped the car. Later, the man ran to 6相关的主题文章: