Ma Tianyu responded to cyber violence claims to turn off comments and forwarding functions (video) vy canis majoris

Ma Tianyu said in response to the network violence closing comments and forwarding function in November 4th, Ma Tianyu in the micro-blog open in response to the network violence said: "could you, for you, by you, to avoid you, respect you, don’t you, resistance to you, and then wait a few years and you. PS: something private letter, closing comments and forwarding." Tencent entertainment for the first time to contact Ma Tianyu brokerage team, the other said Ma Tianyu as a public figure, often being a close network of violence, commenting on the idea already, and think it should purify network environment, to combat cyber violence. In fact, the day before, Ma Tianyu studio has issued a document, said: the recent rampant black powder, welcome to feather the first time through a variety of ways to contact us, our determination to fight against the evil forces of the network unchanged. Maintain network environment and combat cyber violence. Thank you for your strong support and supervision. Never positive voice, does not mean that the silence palliative. Please be assured that we have been." And with a station and said to the black powder Determination in the end. Ma Tianyu since his debut has maintained a high color value, "-" the acting is also popular outside. However, recently, Ma Tianyu boarded the insulting curse Post Bar hot search, speech is intolerable to the ear. Now suddenly happened to the outside world, confused. Ma Tianyu said that the closure of comments and forwarding is not for one side, "recently Tianyu has some very dirty things in the network hot search term, long time in various places and he Post Bar was also a personal attack, the pony as a public figure, often encounter this situation, you want to close the comment before him. Over the long term, public figures have been placed in a position that is not very fair, because you are the star scold you, when this has become the network can wantonly spray dirty reasons, we should stand up against this situation." And said, "we think that the Internet should not be blind area of law, although there is no real name system, but also can not do, the network environment should be healthy. We will not ignore, will communicate with the various platforms, put some dirty things blocked." But asked whether Ma Tianyu feel wronged, the person said, "no, he did not feel wronged, or in the busy filming drama. Just to avoid the things that might affect his mood." Ma Tianyu responded to the network violence daughter called Zhao Benshan comfort competition of family background is relayed to micro-blog in the Tencent Shanghai show gossip to sweep me ~ reply "gossip", "entertainment": get the latest entertainment gossip reply "performance", "tickets": for the latest information on the left side of the two-dimensional code scanning concern, Shanghai WeChat, more free tickets waiting for you to receive相关的主题文章: