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Real-Estate In the state of California located at the bottom of the San Gabriel Mountains lies the medium to large city of Arcadia with a population of 52,951. It has 12 individual neighborhoods and is located only 21 miles away from Los Angeles. There are a variety of highways that are surrounding the 151st largest .munity including I-201, I-605, I-5, and I-10. Arcadia was settled in 1875 by Lucky Baldwin, the real estate speculator whose real name was Elias Jackson. He bought the city site and settled there. The booming growth occurred in the 1930’s although the city itself was created officially in 1903. The city originally was a rural location with chickens and ranches making up the location. It was slowly transitioned to an area with more settlement and city improvements. In the 1960’s after World War II, both the housing and population booms also impacted the city. The city remains a versatile environment that .bines both the residential and economical natures to keep it what it truly is, a ".munity of Homes". The makeup of Arcadia is predominantly white collar with most workers being in the fields of sales, professionals, and managers. The white collar population is 91% which is well above the average in the United States. The general makeup according to industry is 15.47% of people involved in management occupations, sales positions making up 15.73% and administrative support and office jobs .pose 16.09% of the working population. The makeup of the general population outside of work is also quite uniform. As a direct result of the job makeup, the people focus on enrichment opportunities such as arts and travel opportunities. The population is generally older and more established. The term used for this group of people is Urban Sophisticates. Although the term has urban in it, the individuals don’t solely live in the city. They are found all over; suburbs, rural areas, and small towns as well. They have wealth but also a frame of mind that is centered on urban living. Arcadia has a downside because, although it is a vastly wealthy .munity, it is not close to work and .mute times for the professional positions can be quite lengthy. The national average is less than 30.35 minutes which is the average .mute time for people in Arcadia. Some may have less travel time and some may have more but it all averages out. Points of interest in Arcadia include the historical Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden. It is an area of 127 acres that functions as the location of the California Philharmonic Concerts. Another cultural area in Arcadia is the Ruth and Charles Gilb Historical Museum. It was opened in 2001. The purpose of it is to showcase photographs of landmarks, artifacts, and Baldwin family treasures to embrace the rich historical culture surrounding it. Another gem in the city is the Santa Anita Park. It’s a racing venue used in the winter and is one of the best in the nation. Originally opened in 1934, it proudly has the title of oldest racetrack in Southern California. Both the Santa Anita Handicap and Santa Anita Derby were held there. The demo-graphical makeup of the city shows higher than average levels of education among citizens with 44.4% having at minimum a bachelor’s degree. In.e levels follow the trend here and are higher than average as well. In the year 2000, the in.e per person equaled out to $28,400 which is much higher than the nationwide level and middle to upper for California alone. For a family of four, this equals to an annual in.e of over $113,000. Racial makeup is unique and is populated with a great diversity of races with the more predominant being Asian followed by white individuals from Italy, Ireland, England, and Germany. Foreigners .pose 43.58% of the citys population. A variety of languages are heard around the city including English, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: