Loose money to promote the purchase of a house in August to promote panic buying record innawoods

Loose money to promote the purchase of a real estate in August to boost the price of a single month record crazy property market is still creating record. 19, 2009, the National Bureau of statistics released in August the price of home sales in the city of the big and medium cities showed that in August prices did not continue to decline for the next 3 months in the inertia of the impact of the decline, but the abnormal emergence of a substantial rebound in the situation in. Insiders pointed out that, in a monetary phenomenon under the guidance of the market, the prices of capital accumulation is just illusion, once the policy contraction, panic buyers may be difficult to continue, the risk is self-evident. A continuous decline in March after the high prices: data show that 70 large and medium-sized city housing prices rose sharply in August. Compared with the previous month, 70 large and medium cities, the price decline in the city there are 4, compared with July to reduce the number of cities, there are up to 64, an increase of 13 from the previous month in. At the same time the price, the highest increase of 5.6% in August, compared with July’s sharp rise of 1 percentage points, the lowest decline of 0.3%, compared with the year of July narrowed by 0.8 percentage points of 1.1%. Second hand housing prices, compared with July, 70 large and medium cities prices fell by 9, compared with the previous month to reduce the number of up to the city of 57, an increase of 6 over the previous month. Price movements, the highest increase of 4.5%, compared with July’s sharp rise of 1.3 percentage points in the same period, while the decline also narrowed from July to 0.4% by the year of 0.5% to 3.2%. National Bureau of statistics city division Senior Statistician Liu Jianwei said that the 123 cities in new residential and second-hand residential gains have been expanded. New commercial housing prices rose in 64 cities, the city rose more than last month, there are 31, or more than 1% of the city has a total of 25, the highest increase of 5.6%. Second hand housing prices rose in 57 cities, the city rose last month, there are more than 30, or more than in the city of more than 18, the highest increase of $4.5%. Zhang Dawei, director of the Central Plains real estate market, said the credit is expected to exceed the hair, there have been more panic buying. 70 large and medium cities in new commercial housing residential average rose as high as 1.26%, second-hand housing residential average chain rose as high as 0.89%, refresh the single month record. Prior to July, the new residential chain rose only 0.72%, second-hand residential is only $0.53%. Data show that in July, prices rose more than 3% only in Nanjing, Hefei, Xiamen three city, but in August, Zhengzhou rose 5.6%, Shanghai rose 5.2%, Wuxi, Hefei rose 4.9%, 4.8%, Fuzhou, Nanjing rose 4.3%, 4.1%, Xiamen, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Hangzhou Wuhan, Ji’nan, etc. 13 City rose more than 3%. The current round of price increases is not spontaneous outbreak of the market, it is entirely because of policy stimulus." Zhang Dawei said that as of 2016, China’s real estate policy has been the most relaxed environment. From central to local, a series of heavy stimulus property market stimulus turns introduced, mainly involving credit, tax, purchase subsidies and other substantive links, and even property taxes also make adjustments to relax There was no parallel in history. strongly supported the market.相关的主题文章: