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Longyang Road East Road intersection of large area subsidence sink below the 50cm recently, Longyang Road East Road to the southeast corner of the intersection of inner Hunan direction and Yang Gao road direction of the road a large area of subsidence. After testing, road subsidence area of about 120 square meters, the maximum difference of 50 cm under the sink. According to police sources in Pudong, the repair cycle initially for 10 to 15 days, at present, Longyang West to East before the vehicle road east three closed, way of motor vehicle on non motorized vehicles, non motorized traffic on the sidewalk, please bypass the public in advance. It is understood that the 6 on the morning of 8, Longyang Road east to the southeast corner of the intersection, Yang Gao road and the inner direction of the Hunan Road, a large area of subsidence. Near the settlement area near the eastward direction of Longyang zebra, land subsidence has become a shallow dish, pavement obvious depression. Site, the construction workers have been using yellow construction fence will be blocked on the settlement site, leaving only the right side of the auxiliary road for small vehicles through. The section of the incident under the high pressure pipeline, it is not suitable to large mechanical excavation, initially for 10 to 15 days of repair cycle. At present, the preliminary cause of the accident investigation department of the ground below the sewage pipe caused by water leakage caused by sand, settlement. It is reported that the accident will have a certain impact on the morning and evening peak traffic after the National Day holiday, especially on the East Road to Longyang Road left turn vehicle serious impact. To this end, yesterday, the Pudong police will coordinate the relevant departments on the roads surrounding the installation of traffic guide signs, and around the affected section arrange additional police counseling, please bypass the public in advance. Hot news: Shanghai in October 8th to implement the unified registration of immovable property system of Shanghai District acceptance point secret most handsome Rider: carry loaded guns patrol at speeds up to 180 km of SongJiang South Railway Station, hundreds of cars were posted no single Jinting logo at the owner (Figure) Wu Jingui: soccer winger Yang Xu why waste almost useless Shanghai Gang arrogant eat together free of trouble was sentenced (Figure): 23000 weather showers today temperatures will reach the lowest point in tomorrow相关的主题文章: