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Liu Zhenyun’s daughter: stupid people can only do one thing, do it – Director Beijing 2014 short film "a 27 year old girl Chinese’s keeper" won the Oscar prize (student unit) best narrative film, the girl called Liu Yulin after Ang Lee another win Oscar Oscar Chinese director. News spread to the country, the name of Liu Yulin is also a bit strange, but then, the alienation of the veil opened – Liu Yulin is the daughter of the famous writer, Liu Zhenyun. In November 11, 2016, the father and daughter teamed up to create the film "top ten thousand sentences" will be released, directed by Liu Yulin, father of Liu Zhenyun as screenwriter. Liu Yulin told reporters, two people before the cooperation can be traced back to the time when she was young, and his father Liu Yulin wrote the song "nobody who love", the lyrics of "you don’t love me, I do not love you, we do not love who." Liu Yulin said that in their growth process, Liu Zhenyun never give her food, cover, being, but an important moment in her life, my father always accompany her, the exchange is not much, but each other heart. Liu Zhenyun is deep in my heart to be proud of her daughter, previously, he called Liu Yulin the "Liu", Liu Yulin as the director, Liu Zhenyun called for her daughter to "director", Liu Yulin was laughed and said: "our home is harmonious, my dad is called ‘Liu’, I and my father my mother tube called ‘Guo’." Liu and Guo for the "director" of education also has been using democracy and freedom, but appeared only in some moments of Liu Zhenyun in Liu Yulin’s life, it occupies an important position, Liu Yulin admits: "Liu attitude of creation, attitude to life, and the view of life, there are the profound impact on me." Liu Yulin’s "door god" and the "one top ten thousand" are taken in his hometown of Henan, in Liu Yulin’s view, people with their parents this piece of land on the home of flesh and blood, "and they is not unfamiliar to me, they are ordinary people around us." From holding the father’s clothes to go to the market of Liu Yulin followed his eyes, see is life itself, is life, there is no fame impurities, that is like saying through the world various teacher Liu Zhenyun said: "Hey, who is much better ah!" When two weeks can eat Macdonald Kendl Ki, I feel very happy life of Liu Zhenyun to his daughter Liu Yulin’s life planning without interference, his advice is: "when you cook good, can cook, if the lamb noodle is ready to eat when I can free your love; when the director, of course also, how to choose your own." Liu Yulin’s choice is to be a director. However, Liu Yulin’s first dream is to be an interview host, listen to the stories of successful people, so she enrolled in the Communication University of China broadcasting system. But in the second, Liu Yulin’s movie dream like a runaway horse, how to pull it back, then, Yu Lin Liu expressed his parents to want to go abroad to read the movie idea. She has always been "Stocking" of the natural parents do not Jia相关的主题文章: