Land Rover fifth generation found the first domestic market in the spring of 2017 – Sohu

Land Rover fifth generation found in the domestic market in the spring of 2017 – Sohu car [Sohu car new]2016 in November 17th, Land Rover new generation discovery (the fifth generation) officially unveiled in the country. The biggest highlight of the new car is based on the new platform to build, the appearance of the use of Land Rover’s latest family style design, interior sense of luxury and technology has also been improved, the new car will be officially listed in the spring of 2017. The new generation found the length and width of the size of 4970× 2073× 1846mm, wheelbase 2923mm. The new car looks closer now Land Rover family design, the overall look taller, in the reservation of a tough shape, adding more fashion elements, body lines with straight lines, but the details of the deal than cash was found to be softer. As a large SUV, the drag coefficient of only 0.33 new found. A column with black coating, the new discovery continues the classic suspension roof styling. The new found body weight decreased compared to the current model, the manufacturer said the new overall reduction of up to 22%. The new changes in overall control of the shape compared with cash is reborn, closer to the other than cash Range Rover models, design simple, but the configuration is more abundant. The car is equipped with 9 USB interface with the 6 12 volt charging interface, the car Wi-Fi hotspot can also provide network connectivity for the 8 devices. Cockpit layout is still the three row of the layout of the 7, and the rows of the third rows of seats folded, will form a very flat space for the back of the trunk of the space in the 2+3+2. After the two row seats can be remotely controlled by mobile phone InControl system, the Intelligent Seat Fold technology is the world’s first, second and third row seat sliding and folding, can provide a variety of different combination of seats. Power, the new discovery will be equipped with 2.0T diesel engine (including high and low power version), 3.0T V6 diesel engine, as well as 3.0T gasoline engine. The gearbox is equipped with a 8 speed automatic transmission from zf.相关的主题文章: