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"Kar Lok Chin" when the action guide bawanghua combat training domineering side leakage – Sohu "entertainment spicy police overlord flower" November 18th National release "spicy police overlord flower" combat training Sohu domineering leak entertainment news from the "Mermaid" executive director Qian Guowei, Joyce Cheng, He Peiyu, cenlixiang, Cui Bijia, He Peimin starred in the movie "spicy Hongkong police the king of flowers", November 18th National release. As one of the main theme of the action of the king of the king of the comedy film, director Qian Guowei invited today’s most popular film in Hongkong action guide money class personally taught to create action scenes. Kar Lok Chin on the "fight" were removed from the entertainment "big head" "wrapping" play the gangster tune bawanghua Hongkong entertainment producer, "Mermaid" executive director Qian Guowei, for the first time in taking a series of types of comedy comedy action movie "try spicy police overlord flower". As a senior director of comedy, "spicy" police overlord flower nature is full of humor, but for the design of the action is also not get throught a thing carelessly. So please go to the director of the current Hongkong film most popular action guide Kar Lok Chin, strong join. Kar Lok Chin had hung in the class for several decades, broken hands, folded legs, from the hard to reach young Wushi money class, absolutely not a deep foundation of martial arts Weakness lends wings to rumours. Involved in the shooting of more than and 70 large and small movie, Kar Lok Chin on the "fight" were removed from the entertainment, the film starred in "the Apostle Walker" action director, even with "driver" won the forty-ninth Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best action design prize. Kar Lok Chin is not only an actor or a martial arts instructor, the money class built is following the addition of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung led the team big. Kar Lok Chin not only set off screen "spicy police overlord flower", play the kind of meat, shooting sparks. Combat training domineering leak Joyce Cheng boasted super difficult challenge "sexy" and "action" is "the two main elements of" spicy police overlord flower, add sexy elements in the intense action scenes, would not seem dull and boring. Looks sweet cenlixiang boxing Henjin dye in the wood, in order to better interpret the daughter Macy hatred role, Training Boxing show vest line. On the contrary, in order to comedy lost back to 62kg Joyce Cheng to return to the 90kg, in the movie with sophisticated moves is impossible, but with the guidance of Kar Lok Chin, Joyce Cheng said: "the 5 storey action to do the same." The young and the King spent two classic cross space collision, Hong Kong full taste. It is reported that Hongkong new male god Wu Yunlong, Queen Shirley Yeung, Stephy Tang TVB, the strength of Malaysia actress Tong Bingyu, supermodel Jessica C cameo. "Spicy police overlord flower" in November 18th.相关的主题文章: