Is A Totally Raw Food Diet Good For

Health Some advocates of eating only raw food testify that the totally raw food diet has done wonders for their health. First of all, I admire them for the will power and ac.plishments of changing to a raw food diet and applaud them for taking personal responsibility in improving their health. That’s great for them and raw food diets have some great benefits. But I wonder if all of us are designed to eat only raw food. If a diet (eating plan) works well for certain individuals, they may be.e such strong advocates of that particular plan that they urge everyone to eat the same way. You can think of the many different diets you’ve seen in the media, Atkins, Pritikin, MacDougall, The Sonoma Diet, The Maker’s Diet, The South Beach Diet, etc. These popular diets must produce good results for certain segments of the population or they would not keep selling. But one diet plan does not suit every person’s digestive tract and metabolic type. Take wonderful care of your body by finding an eating plan that suits your uniquely-you metabolism. So how can we incorporate the benefits of raw food into an eating plan that well serves our own unique body metabolism and digestive ability? Benefits of a totally raw food diet. Raw Food Diet Benefits 1. Enzyme Power Raw food teems with life giving enzyme power, that spark of life that keeps all the chemical processes in our bodies going fast enough to keep us alive. Raw food contains 75% of the enzymes needed to digest it, so our bodies only have to add the other 25%. But all of that enzyme power disappears with cooking the food, so our bodies have to add 100% of the enzymes to digest it. Digesting food a real struggle with depletion of our enzymes. Without enough enzymes our bodies start reacting to food with release of histamines and other chemicals causing allergy like reactions, gas, bloat, pain and heartburn. Thankfully, your exhausted digestive tract gets some relief from the pressure to produce so many enzymes when you add some raw food to your meals. So, adding some raw food to every meal benefits your body and can help you feel more mentally alert, clean and refreshed. 2. Eating food raw preserves nutrients. In general cooking destroys some of the nutrients in a food so obviously nutrient dense raw food may nourish you body better. 3. Supply that very necessary mineral magnesium to your body by incorporating more raw vegetables in your diet, especially the green leafy ones. Unfortunately magnesium rich food has disappeared from the "modern" diet. A major mineral for the body, magnesium has to be plentiful in the tissues to enjoy optimal health. Magnesium activates many enzymes and chemical processes in the body. Without adequate levels of magnesium in the tissues folks may feel chronically fatigued and even develop a disease. Since most Americans and other folks eating the modern diet deprive themselves of enzyme and magnesium rich food, adding raw food to every meal can be a real energy and vitality booster that staves off and helps reverse degenerative disease misery. Dr. Pottenger, famous for his large study .paring the health of cats fed on raw food versus those fed on cooked food, found that he could help children and adults revitalize their health if they would eat at least 50% of their food raw. Set a goal of eating at least 50% of your food raw. We can thank our friends who are capable of eating all of their food raw for sharing a lot of wonderful raw food recipes with us. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: