India, more than the outbreak of anti – dumping policy demonstrations require Prime Minister Modi

The India outbreak of anti waste monetary policy parade for prime minister Modi apology – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, India more than the opposition 28 days in various countries held joint demonstrations to protest the government earlier this month announced the abolition of the two large denomination policy. In India, the main city of Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore and other places, people holding "old" I also opposed the abolition of "normal life" banners, shouting "modi withdraw waste order notes" and other slogans. Many opposition leaders walk in the forefront of the procession. India, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Kerala have held different protests. India’s largest opposition party denounced the government waste currency policy brings to people’s economic life inconvenience, but in order to maintain the normal life of the people and business activities, reduce unnecessary losses, congress only approve of demonstrations, protests by the strike does not support the way of activities. At present, the main opposition to the policy of the abolition of the policy is to stop the waste money policy, and asked the Prime Minister of India Modi apology. The India federal Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kumar said in New Delhi on 28 May, the opposition should unite to resist corruption and money laundering, rather than against the abolition of the old. India is home to the vast majority of people support the waste currency policy, because this is an effective way to combat corruption, money laundering and terrorist threats. The evening of 8 this month, Modi announced in a televised address to the nation, to fight corruption and rampant money laundering transactions, the abolition of the old edition circulation of 500 rupees ($7.5) and 1000 rupees ($15) two denominations of currency, midnight starting immediately. As a result of this decision suddenly, many people unprepared, have flocked to bank deposits or exchange of new coins. Many shops due to the lack of capital turnover also have closed their doors.相关的主题文章: