In 2016, the trend of wedding dress is wearing & crystal shoes get married!

In 2016, the trend of wedding dress is wearing & crystal shoes get married! 1, crochet lace perplexing Lace Crochet Lace Jingjiubushuai, lace and lace presents to people a sense of quiet and charming, greatly highlights the bride’s sweet and charming. The popular trend of Crochet Lace stitch, every detail are exquisite and dazzling. The trend of crochet lace wedding dress can not only shape the body well and highlight the figure, but also create the illusion and romantic feeling of wedding dress. Fashion trend 2, dress sleeve sleeve wedding dress can not only modify the body arm, create a different wedding style, but also has practical warmth retention. In the coming year, all kinds of wedding dresses with sleeves will be more and more popular. Fashion trends, long sleeve lace bridal dress, retro and elegant. Trend 3, strapless style wedding choose Strapless or Sling Shoulder Bag style, according to the size of the bride who reference. But strapless dress styles can let the bride have her beautiful white neck and collarbone, but also want to use oh! Trend 4, silver dress new year bride wedding colors should avoid common vulgar, silver dress is a good trend, as well as noble and elegant, and all-match match. Silver grey Bridesmaid dress. Fashion trends 5, personalized accessories, 2016 brides will look for more personalized wedding decorations and accessories. Article source (ELLE Chinese network)   2016年婚纱流行趋势 穿上嫁纱&水晶鞋嫁人吧! 1、钩织花边 错综复杂的蕾丝钩编花边经久不衰,蕾丝和花边呈现给人静雅迷人之感,大大突显了新娘子的甜美和魅力。 流行趋势 钩编花边蕾丝婚纱,一针一线的每处细节都是精致而亮眼的。 流行趋势 钩编花边婚纱,既能很好地塑造形体突显身材,又能营造婚纱的梦幻浪漫之感。 流行趋势 2、礼服袖子 带袖婚纱不仅能够修饰形体手臂,营造不一样的婚纱风格,也具有实用的保暖性。未来一年里各式各样的带袖婚纱会越来越受欢迎。 流行趋势 长袖蕾丝新娘礼服,复古又优雅。 流行趋势 3、露肩款式 婚纱选择露肩还是吊带包肩款式,要根据新娘子们的体型胖瘦参考。但露肩款式的婚纱礼服可以让新娘子们露出漂亮白皙的脖子和锁骨,不过也要慎选哦! 流行趋势 4、银灰色礼服 新的一年里新娘婚纱的颜色选择应该避免普通庸俗,银灰色的礼服就是一个很好的流行趋势,既不失高贵优雅,又百搭相称。 流行趋势 银灰色伴娘礼服。 流行趋势 5、个性化配件 2016年新娘子们将寻求更具个性化的婚纱装饰和配件。文章来源(ELLE中文网)  相关的主题文章: