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Huizhou posting steady control prices: no pre-sale permit houses will be fined half of the house – macroeconomic policy – Shanghai Locke net?? after Dongguan issued after the purchase of the policy, Huizhou also issued a notice requiring strict pre-sale system, strengthen market supervision, to highlight the good stability control of price. ?? To implement the requirements of stable prices, anti risk, strengthen management, to ensure the healthy operation of the property market in Huizhou, October 6th in the afternoon, Huizhou municipal government office issued the "Circular on further strengthening of our real estate market supervision and management" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") formally introduced control measures. Reporter noted that the notice will focus on market regulation and strengthen the pre-sale system, etc.. The pre-sale permit must be obtained before the commercial housing market sales, and before this, the real estate enterprise in any form of foreign sales, intent signed subscription book buyers (or charge Chengyijin, deposit and other acts) will be prohibited. For the market before the emergence of individual enterprises did not get the pre-sale permit to start the sale of the behavior, the notice also made in the punishment of guidance. The strict regulations in accordance with the Guangdong commercial housing pre-sale management regulations, shall be ordered to stop the sale, confiscate the illegal income, also will be sold more than thirty percent commodity prices following a fifty percent. ?? According to the sales process in order to achieve the sale price to cover Xishou behavior, departments will strengthen the previous market inspections, investigate found a family, the sales system will lock the rectification period, the suspension of the project sales network. Reporter noted that since the abolition of the qualification of the intermediary practitioners qualification, boost the property market heating electricity supplier and intermediaries have been difficult to force the situation will also be checked after the introduction of the new deal to curb. Notification requirements remediation intermediary market, strengthen the management of intermediaries and practitioners filing, prohibit the use of undocumented property management, not the record for commercial housing intermediaries. At the same time, buy a house speculation, internal subscription and other intermediaries for the manufacture of marketing panic phenomenon will be standardized, once the legitimate rights and interests of property buyers will act strictly accountable according to law. In addition, the regulatory measures in the pre-sale capital supervision, real estate advertising and other aspects also reiterated to further promote the healthy operation of the market. The following documents:???? notify the office of Huizhou Municipal People’s Government on the further strengthening of the real estate market supervision and management work?? counties and District People’s government, the municipal government departments, agencies directly under the benefits in the relevant units:?? in order to implement the recent deployment of the provincial government on Further Strengthening the regulation of real work the real estate market, the implementation of stable prices, strong anti risk, management requirements, and construct the actual city housing market system, approved by the Municipal People’s government, the relevant work notice as follows:??, a strict pre-sale system, strengthen market supervision, highlighting the good stability control prices?? (a) strictly regulate the behavior of real estate sales. 1 pre-sale commercial housing, commercial housing should be made pre-sale permit. Obtain pre-sale permits, real estate development enterprises shall not in any form of foreign sales of commercial housing, not commercial housing subscription book signed with the purchase or in any form charge purchase intention (Chengyijin), gold deposit; no commission u相关的主题文章: