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Arts-and-Entertainment How to prolong the life of the crusher In use, control and manipulation of staff according to time and weather conditions, air pollution, adopt effective measures to reduce the effective measures to reduce the chemical erosion machinery, the focus is to prevent the chemical composition of rainwater and air on invasive mechanical . This erosion will not only affect the normal working of the mechanical appearance of the equipment, and will erode the internal parts of machinery. Because of this erosion is sometimes invisible. Such as rain, air and chemicals into the mechanical internal mechanical parts of the external channel, crevice and erosion within the mechanical parts, to accelerate the mechanical wear, increasing the mechanical failure. Metal surface and near the medium chemical or electrochemical reaction and the destruction of the phenomenon known as erosion. Touched, be easily overlooked, and thus the greater its harmfulness. Single Stage Hammer Crusher European Type Jaw Crusher In the daily work, pay attention to check the working status of the cooling system. Crusher during use, to prevent low temperature, overload, to ensure that low-speed pre-temperature phase of the normal operation of the machinery to achieve the delineated temperature before driving or not did not float to the surface subject to the neglect of its important do; second, it is necessary to prevent mechanical operation at high temperatures, mechanical operation to check the value on the thermometer often found that the subject immediately shut down to check and found fault Even excluding. Need to check on the water-cooled machinery, daily before the addition of cooling water; air-cooled machines, but also schedule to clean up the dust on the air cooling system to ensure the smooth flow of cooling air duct. At work, the temperature of various components has its own normal range. Can not find a reason cents can not help but treated and still make the mechanical Impact Crusher China hornos rotatorios Equipos de procesamiento de minerales About the Author: 相关的主题文章: