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How to broaden the channels for private investment over the years, the proportion of private investment in the total social investment in fixed assets has been maintained at more than 60%, a strong impetus to economic development. But at present, there are some obvious and recessive obstacles in the private investment channels, which need to be further cleared and widened. Dispel concerns about the impact of private investment in the main body of public ownership, the introduction of private investment negative list system to encourage and guide private investment into the field outside the list. For a long time, the basic economic system of public ownership, the common development of multi ownership economy and insufficient understanding of the country and often emphasize collective owned operating assets accounted for more than half of the whole society operating assets, worried about the liberalization of private investment will shake the dominant position of public ownership. As a result, some people advocate restricting private investment, which has become an obstacle to private investment. In fact, China’s public assets include resource assets, operating assets and business assets, the state and collective owned land, mineral and other operating assets price plus resource assets, accounting for more than 90% of the total social assets; at the same time, the state-owned economy to play a leading role in the important area of the beneficial to the people’s livelihood. As long as the state and the collective take good use of resources assets, while mastering a certain number of high-quality operating assets and the vast majority of business assets, the dominant position of public ownership will not waver. Private investment mainly belongs to business assets into a part of the state-owned enterprises and collective enterprises through the stock market, with the state-owned capital and collective capital combine to form a mixed ownership economy; a part of direct investment in private enterprises and individual enterprises, the formation of non-public economy. Such changes in the structure of investment mainly in the field of business, will not affect the dominant position of public ownership. We can not understand the public ownership as the main part of the public owned assets accounted for more than half of the social operating assets. To completely dispel the concerns of private investment and non-public economic development will impact the status of public ownership, to further broaden the channels of private investment, in principle, in the field of business does not restrict private investment. Negative list is mainly limited to the areas involved in national security, general infrastructure, civil product production and service areas should allow private investment to enter. Adhere to the state-owned investment, private investment, foreign investment equal rights, equal opportunities, equal rules, a unified market access system, eliminate the dominant and recessive barriers exist in financing, technology development, personnel training, provide the environment for the development of fair use factors of production conditions and easier for private investment. The implementation of infrastructure and major projects through special collection, sub tender and other ways to attract private investment to participate in the construction of the system, give full play to the role of joint-stock companies and listed companies to attract private investment. For some civil infrastructure and major projects to carry out civil special fund-raising or directional raise, the issuance of major projects in the construction of bonds, private investment. After the completion of the operation of the project is put into operation, private investment bonds in accordance with the terms of debt service, but also can be converted into shares. Major construction projects of the sub items or supporting projects to private enterprises to tender, the successful bidder to invest in the construction of. Listed companies and other joint-stock enterprises should be law-abiding model, with good performance and dividend return to investors.相关的主题文章: