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Web-Design The Solutions page is the most overlooked type of webpage a business owner can consider. In most cases, the purpose of the Solutions page is not understood and the benefits of it are not explored. However, the Solutions page can lead to increased profits. Instead of a Solutions Page, many business owners use this page as a wild card and opt to use for many other uses. Many dont understand the purpose of a Solutions. However, the Solutions page purpose is to showcase the Solutions your business has for its customer. This page is useful in positioning your .pany as innovative and in-tune with the customers needs. A customer visiting your website wants to know what you have to offer. They want to be able to buy into what your business is all about. Bottom-line for the customer, they want to know Whats in it for me. This page is the page to argue that point. On this page you showcase several solutions that you think will be most useful for your customer. Lets define a solution. A solution would be a useful .bination of your services and products that would solve a problem for your potential client. Yes, in order to develop a Solutions page you must study your client and know their needs; well enough to know their problemsin order to solve them. This may seem like a great task but in any business researching your customer is a big part of your marketing. The cast a big net approach will render ineffective in most cases because simply put the net a small business would cast would be just thata small net. For that very reason, it is cost-effective to know exactly who you are marketing to. This is well worth the effort because in the long run what you are doing is selling a bundle of products rather than a single product (one at a time). Also if you solve their problem, they will .e back to you with other problems. The final purpose of this page is to sell yourself or your business to the potential client through practical application and demonstration. A good element on this page is Testimonials. Bottom-line for you, is greater sales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: