Home Furnishing golden week market purchasing power heavy popkart

Home Furnishing golden week market purchasing power has the "golden nine silver ten" is always the Home Furnishing industry every year a hotly contested spot, is also marketing a period of concentrated outbreak. "Eleven" as an important node of the sprint performance in the fourth quarter, Home Furnishing stores, decoration companies, furniture enterprises launched various promotions, however, this year’s "eleven" golden week, Home Furnishing sales performance is not as expected. Most industry insiders said, with the promotion of normalization, "gold nine silver ten" in a gradual decline, taking into account the holiday consumption factors of inertia, Home Furnishing enterprises are still on its value, but our previous high growth promotion difficult now. Mainstream stores grew eleven holidays has been an important node for the marketing Home Furnishing store, near the end of the year, affected by the annual sprint performance, most stores will take "the price" to let go for. Beijing Morning Post reporter visited the store during the national day, many shopping guide will remind: Miss eleven discount, you can wait until next year. For the National Day holiday sales, Beijing several major home stores are growing, there are differences. The official data Meikailong shows "eleven" during the golden week, Meikailong traffic reached 1 million 860 thousand passengers, the merchant sales reached 5 billion 470 million, an increase of 13%. Will Meikailong combination attributed to a variety of marketing activities of the. Outside the city Home Furnishing market operations center general manager Liu Yang told the Beijing morning news reporters, "eleven" seven days outside the city, sales of nearly ninety million, compared to the same period last year increased slightly, which led the building materials products, sales growth of 20% over the same period last year and last year; furniture products. Jimei Home Furnishing project marketing director Ding Ling said, "eleven" period, Jimei Home Furnishing Beijing five store sales grew 10%, but popularity did not appear hot scenes, traffic rose in the three day after the holiday. Lanjinglijia general manager Lee said lanjinglijia during the national day, sales rose 17%, mainly due to the upper reaches of the real estate market driven, furniture, building materials products rose significantly. "Eleven" promotion to attract customers, not in accordance with past practice, the "golden nine silver ten" is not only the Home Furnishing marketing outbreak, as consumers focus on the purchase of the golden period, but in recent years, with the Home Furnishing market promotion norm, although still heavy holidays node to business promotion, but its ability to attract customers in a gradual decline, the concentration of consumer purchasing power is weakened. The floor of Beijing marketing director Wang Qingqiang said, the reason why there will be long weak consumption, mainly due to the impact of market promotion Home Furnishing normalization. During the holidays, stores and businesses will launch promotions, consumers do not need to focus on the purchase of the national day. In addition, with the improvement of living standards, a rare holiday during the year, more and more people will choose to travel, go home to visit relatives, friends and so on, the formation of the eleven passenger flow differentiation. Beijing Yezhifeng decorating company planning manager Li Pengfei said that in the first four days of National Day traffic scarce, 5 days, 6 days, 7 days of passenger flow was relatively increased. The peak of employment in terms of the amount of signing of the Yezhifeng holiday, with the amount of signing.相关的主题文章: