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Home door frames hid the key man in Jinhua has been home thieves a lot of people have this habit, door frame, door mat, pot outside and so on, to prevent the possession of a spare key, with no key to return home…… I do not know has been specifically targeted at this point. Anhui master Huang and nephew were working in a refrigeration plant in Jinhua Dongyang Wu Ning street, he lived in factory dormitories, usually work also has the habit of locking, but still frequently thieves care. "Around September 10th, my room was stolen once, after four or five days, and the end of September even stolen, parked in the downstairs gray cable car was stolen, the thief in October 20th fourth time, this time even 7 yuan coins did not let go." Master Huang said that the recent is the day of November 5th, the thief stole nearly one hundred yuan change. A series of theft, although several property losses are not too heavy, but so many times, master Huang also feel strange, especially his door padlock intact, no pry marks. Master Huang heart is big enough to be a thief stole 5 times, he did not report, did not change the locks, they installed a monitoring plan to catch the thief to export gas…… November 5th after the theft of the day, the Yellow master on the monitoring, found around 8:50, the famous man holding the key to open the door of his dorm room, and then commit the crime, do not forget to go out locked. Master Huang came to Dongyang City Public Security Bureau police station Wu Ning with surveillance, police check found after the thief is stealing stolen key, and the key is the spare key to master Huang hidden in the door frame…… The little heart is very fine, but also find the master Huang spare key at home and away, quietly put back on the box, create a spare key intact. After the alarm, the police arrested on the night of 25 year old Jiangxi man a theft suspect, after appearing in court, a party to repeatedly to refrigeration factory dormitory theft confessed illegal. Currently, the party has been Dongyang City Public Security Bureau of criminal detention.相关的主题文章: