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His solo: Lewinsky today will vote for someone? Today is the United States election day, the former White House intern Monica, who will vote for the? Hilary, the wife of the former president’s wife, or a Republican candidate for president Donald, is a question of considerable media attention, as is the case for the election of the Republican Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. But before that, there were media reports that Lewinsky would vote for Hilary. In July 30, 2016, a website called News news (Empire) published an article saying that the former White House intern had announced that he would vote for Hilary. In this paper, as a staunch anti bullying activist, Lewinsky said he could not support Donald? Trump, because the latter is what she saw "the biggest storm Ling" (the biggest bully), the paper quoted is even claimed that her words: "for years I advocated violence Ling to prevent network and reality, whether it is for children, adolescents or adults, if I support Trump, will send a wrong signal, I understand my lover’s wife before the vote may be controversial, but the times are different, the skirt should burn, if you understand my meaning words." (Empire news screenshot) the authenticity of the report is how much? We may wish to look at the following two perspectives. From a broad range of anti bullying activities last year, Lewinsky’s decision has a certain background and logic. By the end of 2014, has sixteen years of silence, and a master of social psychology at the London School of economics at Lewinsky during the return to public view, her famous "Vanity Fair" (Vanity Fair) magazine wrote an article entitled "shame and survival" (  Shame and Survival) the prose is widely admired, and won the national society magazine prose Award nomination, wrote that "burn the beret, bury the blue skirt, meaning" for the past, let a person feel she can finally look forward. The same year she was still under the age of thirty Forbes summit made high ratings report at the beginning of 2015, she is actively busy with all kinds of anti violence and bullying speech, with their own personal experience since 1998 to advise, calls for a more safe and gentle atmosphere of social media: "I became a global humiliation from a secret private, when people can be described as" gathering in crowds and groups (BBC interview). Although social media in 1998 as today, with a black beret Lewinsky photo was spread all over the Internet, often accompanied by a photo next to hate the Yellow piece. "I was posted on prostitutes, Slut label, I lost my pride, dignity, and almost lost his life, 17 years ago, we have not yet defined, this is what we now call cyber bullying or harassment (cyberbullying) network (online harassment) behavior". (New York Times) but there’s something else about Lewinsky相关的主题文章: