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Hilary and the "fall" out of countless Internet rumors what is the truth? – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, (Guo Xinyu) since the US Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton in the "9 – 11" to commemorate the event of physical discomfort early exit, also photographed by the media almost fell, need help to get on the bus, on the health of Hilary, there were numerous Internet rumors. From "only a year of life" to "double", though these rumors, Hilary will be rendered into an even unable to perform the duties of the president elect is ill. However, as long as carefully you will find that there is no basis for rumors. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo " src=" 20160919; 201691901359.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" (Figure 1) Hilary attended the "9· 11" fifteen anniversary. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo " > Hilary attended the "9· 11" anniversary of the activities of the fifteen. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo has died? According to sources from the anchor slip of the tongue: ABC (American Broadcasting Company)] rumor 7 anchor Joe Torres announced at the start of the evening news, "the first thing we will be concerned about Hilary Clinton’s death news", then, he and his colleagues on Hilary’s health were discussed. This short video was quickly uploaded to the video site, nearly 150 thousand hits. Subsequently, the network began to spread a screenshot of the ABC news website home page, the site reported that "Hilary Clinton reportedly received treatment at monteferro hospital death, the title is" small Democrats on the re nomination procedures have differences". Truth: ABC7 then said that Torres wanted to say that the word is "health" rather than "death" (death). A spokesman for the TV station said that the content of the news reports, the information provided by the reporters and the images shown on the television show that Hilary is still alive and is recovering. The network reported on the ABC website is not provided with untraceable, report page screenshot. Therefore the reported whether indeed published by ABC, it is difficult to be confirmed. Hilary, ·, appearing in front of the media, after a break from her physical discomfort to her daughter’s home in the city of. (image: Reuters) [using a double stand? No empirical conspiracy theory rumors: Hilary left the "9 + 11" after the commemoration of the daughter of Chelsea’s apartment to rest, after two hours, she walked out of the apartment waved to the media. However, social media users compared Hilary out of the apartment before and after photos, said she used a substitute. Netizen "open the brain hole", the body changes, finger length, ear thickness of one by one comparison)相关的主题文章: