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Hefei more than and 20 school vision screening more than grade 4 children myopia over 5 as the original title: Hefei vision screening in more than and 20 schools more than grade 4 children myopia over 5 to 46 children of vision screening, including 21 children with poor vision; vision screening found more than and 20 primary and secondary schools, the fourth grade above the high proportion of children myopia 52.7%! In October 30th, the reporter learned from the first people’s Hospital of Hefei City, the "owl eye plan" found that the primary school campus of the "small glasses" meet the eye everywhere in junior high school, after wearing glasses, the proportion is even more shocking. Seven year old girl left eye only 0.1 recently, the first people’s Hospital of Hefei City, five ophthalmologists spontaneously formed "owl eye plan love teams, went to the Hefei City Kaman language rehabilitation school of vision screening for the 46 hearing-impaired children, including 21 children of poor eyesight, the screening results of worrying. Seven year old Xiaoqi (a pseudonym) was born shortly after the examination of binaural hearing loss, and later made a cochlear implant surgery. Examination found that the right eye of the 1 Qi Qi, very normal, but only about 0.1 of the left eye vision, is suspected of staphyloma. "In general, it’s like taking pictures when the film is out of order." Million pupils myopia rate nearly 40% "have ears is not good, but the eyes out of the question." Jin Wen school teacher Xu has been on these hearing-impaired children’s eyesight is very worried. These children are more likely to be attracted by colorful pictures on their mobile phones and TV sets due to hearing impairment. Many parents and children out of the compensation for their indulgence, addicted to electronic equipment with the eye excessive behavior with little interference, these factors together, leading to vision problems of hearing-impaired children is more prominent. The screening of 46 children, a total of 21 people with poor vision, this data confirms the concerns of the teacher xu. Like these special children, electronic equipment is also a great deal of damage to the eyes of ordinary children. By the end of last year to the beginning of this year, Hefei City, another primary school for Begonia Garden, Lu’an Road Primary School, China Railway International City Campus and other 10 primary school nearly ten thousand pupils’ visual survey found that myopia rate of up to 38%. In addition to genetic, environmental and other factors, the long-term excessive look at electronic products is the culprit of childhood myopia. The fourth grade above myopia rate of over 50% in order to monitor the development of children’s vision, eye doctor first people’s Hospital of Hefei city launched a "spontaneous owl eye plan". The plan for the city’s 3~17 year old population, monitoring children’s visual development, reduce and gradually prevent myopia, strabismus, amblyopia. Currently, the owl eye care program, the team has completed more than and 20 of the city’s primary and secondary school vision screening, from the data point of view, the proportion of children aged more than grade four has been as high as 52.7%. "This data is amazing, and we hope to work with the education sector to promote the screening to the city’s primary and secondary schools." Hefei first hospital eye doctor Shi Wenbin said.相关的主题文章: