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Guo Chuan are the stars of the sea journey, successful people why love adventure Sohu two days Chinese famous global navigator Guo Sichuan in the sea lost contact news disturbing, ship in loss, we can safely pray at the captain Guo Chuan. On the evening of October 27th, Guo Chuan has been confirmed as a result of a sudden accident into the water, I hope the experienced sea warrior can be safe! Guo Chuan in San Francisco local time on October 18th at 14:24 (5:24 October 19th 11 seconds and 11 seconds) from the landmark Golden Gate Bridge set sail, this time he Chinese to Shanghai for the purpose of driving alone, "Qingdao" three galleon, wants to challenge the single uninterrupted voyage across the Pacific world record, so the departure time is the International Sailing Federation appointed accurate timekeeper time accurate to seconds. Originally expected to sail in November 56th can reach Shanghai, but at 3 local time on the afternoon of October 25th after losing contact with the shore team, has not yet found Guo chuan. Guo Chuan wanted to challenge the voyage across the Pacific world record was created by Martha Lahti in last year’s Italy fleet from San Francisco to Shanghai 21 days of uninterrupted recording, but Martha Lahti had a crew of 11, while Guo Chuan the challenge is for a single uninterrupted voyage. Guo Chuan in 2013 even a single non-stop voyage around the world have been completed, I did not expect this crossing the Pacific route has been a sudden accident. In the sea, is full of the unknown, you do not know when a wave will be covered, when the weather will be changed. Can the way to the sea of stars, are truly brave! Some netizens said, what age, why go to sea? When completed in 2015 single uninterrupted global maritime two anniversary, Guo Sichuan wrote an article entitled "dedicated people are happy" articles, for which he loved sailing, perception of life, many people can not understand the answer, in my opinion, life should not be one from narrow wide, from fast to slow rivers, should be more like a rushing stream in between high mountains and lofty hills, sometimes nearly exhausted, sometimes in Yixieqianli, you do not know in the next corner there will be kind of scenery and stories, the three-dimensional and colorful life". Guo Chuan once said, "in a sense, I think it is constantly challenging a higher level. I hope to do this well, and add new heights to my dream of sailing". This is not just a dream of sailing, Guo Sichuan person, he also hopes to add Chinese. Guo Chuan to take this Pacific route, the terminal is our China Shanghai. Guo Chuan said, last year, Martha Lahti Ranza took the lead to complete the voyage from San Francisco to Shanghai, China, and now I need to hit the record on. In the past, the International Sailing Federation (trans Pacific) route is from the United States to Osaka, Japan, Losangeles, and now the end is located in Shanghai, China, which means that our country is increasingly becoming the focus of the world". In the international maritime industry, the establishment of routes will consider the global position of a country, Shanghai, China has become the focus of the new route, is the strength of China’s affirmation, Guo Chuan would like to use their own actions,.相关的主题文章: