Guangxi city launched a comprehensive reform of public hospitals in 5 cities. vidalia

Guangxi city launched a comprehensive reform of public hospitals in 5 cities in Southland today reported Liuzhou news (reporter Liang Ying) in November 1st, I held a comprehensive reform of the pilot city public hospital and clinics grading system construction work site in Liuzhou, summed up the previous stage work, started a comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the city. The comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the city is the main battlefield of the reform into the deep water, including the scope of its municipal districts and above one or two, three public hospitals, the National Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, maternal and child health hospital, hospitals and medical institutions directly under the autonomous region. Since 2010, China has carried out a comprehensive reform of public hospitals in urban areas, there have been 5 cities in Liuzhou, Yulin, Guilin, Fangchenggang, Baise and other cities in the public hospital to participate actively, and achieved remarkable results. With the autonomous region to deepen reform key tasks, each pilot city will be based on the reform has been carried out on the further introduction of related implementation plan, focus on improving the grading clinics, family physician and the modern hospital management system, personnel distribution system, Medicare payment reform measures, and strive to make breakthroughs in key areas and key links. In addition to the national pilot, other cities to set out at the end of December this year, the city public hospital reform pilot program, synchronization to specify other supporting policies, establish a complete policy system reform. At the same time, the relevant departments cooperate, establish performance appraisal supervision mechanism, strengthen policy training, promote the implementation of various policies, actively and steadily push forward the reform work. According to the requirements, all pilot cities in March 2017 to implement the cancellation of drug addition policy, the establishment of a scientific and reasonable compensation mechanism. Other cities in addition to the national pilot, the latest by the end of March 2017 before the start of zero profit drug sales, simultaneous adjustment of prices of medical services and medical insurance payment policy, encourage municipalities to accelerate the reform, this year to cancel the drug addition, break in yaobu old mechanism.相关的主题文章: