Guangdong anti catfish rescue boats upgrading standby –

Guangdong anti "catfish" rescue boats upgrading standby – Beijing, Beijing, Guangzhou, September 27, (Guo Zhou Lianming) 27 reporters from the Guangdong maritime bureau, as the typhoon "catfish" more and more close, the anti taiwan bureau according to the work plan is ahead of the deployment of various safety measures, has launched a level III emergency in response to the 26 day of 15, to complete against Taiwan work. At present, the eastern region of Shantou, Shanwei, Jieyang and other places in the maritime bureau has launched 26 anti tropical cyclone III level emergency response, and coordination of the South China Sea rescue 113 in Shantou Nan’ao anchorage on the South China Sea rescue 131 in unattended star mountain roads, the South China Sea rescue 116 in Guishan anchorage duty, rescue B7341 helicopter on standby in Zhuhai Jiuzhou airport. Lufeng, Liuhua oil drilling platform in the northeastern South China Sea on the 561 workers have been evacuated. The typhoon "catfish" fast movement, late strength is strong, has the characteristics of uncertainty in the autumn typhoon path has, may lead to the risk of secondary disasters caused by heavy rainfall and very high. Before the typhoon, the Guangdong maritime bureau immediately carry out a comprehensive investigation of security risks and found that the risk requires immediate correction. Are sending boats to the scene of maritime patrol and inspection, to strengthen the anti taiwan anchorage control, arrangement, guidance of area of the ship into the harbour, do the traffic organization for ship anti Taiwan and control work, to ensure timely access to the ship before the typhoon comes to anchorage typhoon shelter; supervise the shipping unit, remind the offshore platform, passing ships attention the typhoon. The implementation of the measures against taiwan. Key to mark off the ferry, land island tourist boats, according to the wind and wind loading, ship promptly suspended outage. At present, the Guangdong maritime bureau emergency station and vehicle emergency standby 24 hours, emergency personnel to stop emergency stop. Is to strengthen communication and coordination with the South China Sea Rescue Bureau, fishery, border and maritime police and other units of the layout of the area to fully grasp the maritime rescue forces, emergency duty government official power and a tugboat, ready for emergency rescue. (end)相关的主题文章: