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Guangdong 19 year old prospective students because of tuition cheated Sohu – Dutch act suspected suicide note in education Cai said being cheated 10 thousand yuan, "Dutch act for me but easily". Family for the admission notice Cai Cai, September 3rd she will enter the University gate. Family members for the Beijing News (reporter Wu Zhenpeng Intern Cheng Cheng) and Telecommunications fraud, took away a young life, and so on, with the help of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the World Health Organization (Xinhua news agency,, China). Jieyang City, Huilai County, 19 year old girl was missing a day after the death of the sea was found on the beach in. Yesterday, Cai cousin Mr. Zhang presented the CAI’s suicide note to the Beijing News reporter, Black Alternate handwriting on paper, leaving the CAI drowning reason: "I cheated out of money, ten thousand yuan, mom you give all the money being cheated, I really have no face to see you again." Yesterday afternoon, Sina micro-blog "safe Jieyang" informed the police intelligence, August 29th afternoon in Huilai County town of Jinghai Resort Oasis seaside found CAI. The girl in a week ago lost the University found the remains of August 27th, Shandong girl Xu Yuyu suffered telecommunications fraud sudden death news on the Internet to spread out. Hundreds of kilometers away from home, working in Guangzhou, Ms. Zhang thought of his daughter Cai, she is too simple, after the college entrance examination throughout the summer vacation to stay at home in Huilai, I am worried that she cheated." The same day, playing more than a dozen phone can not contact her daughter, Ms. Zhang can not sit still. She began to launch the house of relatives to find her daughter. No one at home, school bags are packed, as if waiting for the arrival of the school day." Choi’s cousin Zhang recalled last night. Cai’s family to provide admission notice, clearly stated that the admission of the school is a foreign language art in Guangdong province Career Academy, Cai report time for September 3rd. Sina micro-blog "safe Jieyang" yesterday afternoon informed the police intelligence, August 28th, Cai mother lost contact, Ms. Zhang 30 report, 31, Huilai Jinghai County border police station said: the feedback information in the afternoon of 29 in Huilai County town of Jinghai Resort Oasis beach found a drowned woman body. After the family confirmed the woman, Ms. Zhang’s daughter. Leave "suicide note" said telecommunications fraud case to face the family in addition to a packed suitcase, let Cai Cai family is the heart of the last "suicide note". Six or seven pages, Black Alternate handwriting, seem to explain why Cai drowned. In July 19th, 1326422× × × × call me, "said they received a court run for my brother" said sue, if I don’t pay 3000 yuan, will let me pay damages of 5-10 million, I pay 3000 yuan, said they would also like to pay 3000 pay later let me pay 3800." After paying 9800 yuan, Cai realized that this is a trick, but the money has not come back. Zhang recalled yesterday, the money, the couple worked in Guangzhou for four months to save up, ready to Cai after admission as tuition fees, living expenses and other expenses. .相关的主题文章: