Fuzhou 38 road surface sludge thickness of 10 cm to clean up the city for four hours ghost observer

Fuzhou 38 Road 10 cm thick silt municipal four hours cleaning staff with Hualin Road, water, long water, drainage channel network September 16th hearing (Haidu reporter Zhang Zhihong Wen Mao Zhaoqing Figure) on September 13th to 15, Fuzhou city sanitation department to cancel the rest, the full post. As of the evening of 15, the city and district sanitation department has dispatched more than 5 thousand and 200 people, more than and 360 vehicles, 61 in urban road, 54 Road, more than and 60 road flooded by water left in the mud on the road back to clean up the garbage, a total clean-up and removal of pavement sludge more than 1 thousand and 600 tons of garbage, cleaning and dredging drains more than 3000 at the same time. Fuzhou Municipal Engineering Administration Department dispatched rescue personnel more than and 100 people, to the waterlogged point night until dawn on duty, found water danger, timely treatment. The road is 10 cm thick silt municipal 4 hours to clean up after the 54 ancient three underground road area of water is more serious, the personnel on duty quickly set a good water retaining board, waterproof stacked sandbags, due to the timely disposal, blocking the volume of water, no flooded underground passage. 54 College of traditional Chinese medicine entrance road area of water more than 1 meters deep water level water retaining plate, resulting in underground water intrusion. Duty officers found in the underground water level rise, the impact of lighting safety, immediate measures to close the channel, and power outages to prevent leakage, to ensure safety. At the same time, the rapid use of pumping equipment, the channel will continue to drain the water, as far as possible to slow down the speed of water level rise. 3rd Ring Rd Daguishan culvert was once flooded, unattended rescue personnel quickly pumps water use, water drainage, road deposited a lot of sludge, still affect the normal passage of vehicles. The staff immediately contact the sanitation department, sanitation department of flushing vehicle use road dredging, with the shortest time to restore road traffic. As of 15 noon 12:00, waterlogging water at the site of the 8 flood discharge, does not affect the passing of vehicles. During the rainfall, 38 road pavement occurred in large areas of water, the road is connected to the three ring road, the main thoroughfare for vehicles entering and leaving the city. Yesterday morning 10 am, water subsided, but the surface of the sediment deposited by the road has a thickness of 10 cm, affecting vehicle traffic, and there are security risks. Municipal rescue personnel in just 4 hours, to clean up the sediment of more than and 60 cubic meters, to restore the main lane traffic. Sanitation department staff night patrol dredging 14 evening, Fuzhou Sanitation Department of personnel departments night patrol, patrol on 15 waterlogged points surrounding the drain cleaning, strengthening the duty of easily blocking the river, one by one and get to the bottom of the cleaning cleaning, running transfer stations, public toilets, rectification security risks more than and 100. September 15th morning after the typhoon landed, the city, district sanitation department immediately launched the emergency plan to clean up the road. All members of the Department of health and pavement road inspections of water; two is the organization of the sanitation workers to the sections of water drain dredge; three is on the water receded Road, immediately organized personnel and vehicles, cleaning up the mud and branches, leaves and other junk, always pay attention to the still water sections, clean up. From the morning of 15, the district began to clean up the storm caused by heavy rain相关的主题文章: