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Freaky beat Sheldon topped the most profitable TV actresses list – Beijing "Forbes" magazine recently released 2015 to 2016 annual American television actor most money list, the top 15 men and women. The "Big Bang" actor Jim Parsons (who? Sheldon) to $25 million 500 thousand in revenue ranked first, won the title of the most expensive actor. "Modern family" in freaky Sophia? Vegarra (playing Gloria) to $43 million for fifth consecutive years won the first. It is worth noting that the first income is far more than the actor actress, very rare in history. JINGWAH Times reporter Chen Yan A big bang, including the first four "Forbes" statistical cycle from June 1, 2015 to June 1, 2016. Of the 15 men on the list, only about 7 of them were from the sitcom, only about 8. And these 8 people, all from the "Big Bang", "modern family" drama two. "The big bang" is the highest rated sitcom in the United States, and several of the stars have been given a big pay rise since the 2014 talks. Two male Lord Jim? Parsons, Johnny, actress and actor Kelly gheorgiu?? being together, except the episode paycheck for $1 million, you can also get profits late 1% dividend. However, the two actor’s income has declined compared to last year. Parsons last year to $29 million this year, only $25 million 500 thousand; gheorgiu last year was $27 million, only $24 million this year. The "Big Bang" two other stars, this year’s revenue has increased. Simon? Herberge to $22 million 500 thousand ranked third, with $22 million in Kunar Anaya ranked fourth?. They earned $20 million last year. They each paycheck was slightly lower than the $1 million, but on the sideline, Herberge starred in "Jenkins", Florence foster?? Nayar is based on the best-selling book "yes, I have to make up for lack of the accent", among the top four. "Modern family" actors also benefit from joint negotiations. 4 actors play in 2012 with the television talk under a long-term contract, actors’ salaries rise with the increase of the season. The main actor, Thai Burrell, Jesse?? Taylor? Ferguson, O’neal Eric, ed?? stones Trent were $12 million 500 thousand, $12 million, $11 million 500 thousand and $11 million in annual revenue, respectively, occupy the list sixth, seventh, tenth and eleven place. Gibbs, a member of the Naval Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), played the role of the inspector general, Mark, to the top fifth of $20 million in the list of $. NCIS was the third most watched TV program in 2015-2016, after the super bowl and the big bang. Actor Kevin Spacey? $10 million 500 thousand, ranked twelfth, although "under the president than last year rose by $1 million, but still not rounded out the top ten. It is worth mentioning that, CBS electric.相关的主题文章: