Former Israeli President Peres for Chinese spring lyricist offer music – Sohu

Peres, the former president of Israel, wrote a song for the Chinese new year, Sohu news, "throbbing heartbeat, such as scallion spring, also mysterious autumn; the ancient wisdom light, such as cherry blossoms.". China melody, melody Chinese, such as river water inrush; melodious flute like; Chinese melody, together to sing, let us forever." The Spring Festival is approaching, the melodious sound of Peres peace center is located in the Tel Aviv – France seaside, Peres, the former president of Israel, wrote this Chinese melody by himself as a Chinese New Year gift to the Chinese people. "Chinese melody" is a poem written by Peres in 2010 who loved Chinese culture. It was translated into song by Hoche Larter, an Israeli composer. Recently, the song was co sung by a Chinese female singer and a 12 year old Israeli girl and recorded as MV. At the age of 92, Peres was a pioneer in promoting diplomatic relations between China and the United States, and had deep feelings for china. On the occasion of the Chinese new year, he held the Chinese melody MV press conference and Chinese theme music violin Quartet to welcome the monkey year. At the end of the interview, Peres paid a new year call to the Chinese people. He said, "the people of Israel love China.". The Spring Festival is a time for the Chinese and American people to express their love for each other. He wished the Chinese people a happy monkey year.

以色列前总统佩雷斯为中国新春作词献曲-搜狐新闻  “悸动的心跳,如青葱春天,也神秘似秋;古老的智慧光芒,如樱花绽放。中国旋律,涌流如江水;中国旋律,悠扬如笛声;中国旋律,携手来高唱,让我们到永远。”   春节临近,在位于特拉维夫-雅法海边的佩雷斯和平中心,悠扬的旋律响起,以色列前总统佩雷斯将这首自己作词的《中国旋律》作为春节礼物送给中国人民。   《中国旋律》是热爱中国文化的佩雷斯于2010年创作的一首诗歌,后经以色列作曲家奥什拉特谱成歌曲。近来,这首歌又由一位中国女歌手和一名12岁的以色列女孩合作演唱,并录制成MV。   92岁高龄的佩雷斯曾是推动以中两国建交的先驱,对中国有深厚的感情。中国春节到来之际,他特地举办《中国旋律》MV发布会和中国主题音乐的小提琴四重奏,迎接猴年到来。   采访结束时,佩雷斯向中国人民提前拜年。他说,以色列人民热爱中国。春节是以中两国人民彼此表达爱意的时刻。他祝中国人民有一个欢乐的猴年。相关的主题文章: