Foreigners ride electric vehicles manned but they also play the fool English major traffic police (v happynewyear

Foreigners ride electric vehicles manned but they also play the fool English professional police a foreign man riding a bike, the car sat a adult, six traffic police brigade of Nanjing police stopped them, fluent in English and give him the popularity of Chinese traffic laws and regulations. Recently, Nanjing traffic police brigade of six in jianninglu Yuqiao market junction to carry out non focused campaigns focus on motor vehicles, non motor vehicles running red lights, motor vehicle, reverse driving and other traffic violations, illegal manned. On duty, the second team police Chen Mohan saw a man riding an electric car came, the car is still sitting an adult, it will be stopped. The man stopped, gesturing gestures did not understand their own Chinese, and said his time, hope the police to release. What he did not expect is that Chen ink in the university is the main English, standard English graduates. Thus, the traffic police with fluent English to tell him, according to Chinese law, the electric bicycle can only carry minors under the age of 12, otherwise the violation of the manned road can be punished 20 yuan. After listening to the interpretation of the police, the foreign man said in English that he will pay attention to traffic safety regulations, and obediently paid a fine of 20 yuan. Extended video: has nothing to do with the original man riding electric car knocked down after the girl beaten girl was finally hit the masses相关的主题文章: