Foreign small meat in Huaian used the camera to record the moment of

Foreign small meat in Huaian used the camera to record Huaian dencen instant intersection this weekend, the city of Huaian is particularly lively. If you’re more careful, you’ll find that all the attractions in Huaian are surrounded by a group of young foreign fresh meat"! And they only focus on one thing – pat! What’s going on here? The intersection of the reporter learned that, from November 19th to 20, the "ocean scene, new vision – seeing Jiangsu ocean" photography contest folk group into the Huaian District of Huaian City, town, river water transport in China Museum, the hometown of Zhou Enlai, the former residence of Wu Chengen and other moments of their eyes recorded with a camera. The tea San reeky restaurant, sitting in the door of the town sweater grandma in the sun, the cat be sleepy straws around the river…… a town, Vietnam handsome guy Fan Defu’s camera. A lot of baby. He told reporters that this is his seventh years of studying in China alone, hoping to share his little life with his family and friends in the form of photos. The Journalism Department of Nanjing University as a senior student, Fan Defu has its own unique views on Photography: Humanistic photography is the most vitality, the shock strength of humanity is hidden in the most ordinary life. In order to accumulate more humanistic materials, he uses extracurricular media practice to understand society. Every holiday, camera back to other cities to capture local customs, has become a small fan favorite. From India Kai Xiao is a medical student at Jiangsu University, he told reporters the intersection, in order to participate in the activities of Huaian folk songs, their early morning ride from Zhenjiang to Nanjing. She said that their own traditional culture on the Chinese particularly fascinating to China before watching TV series journey, he was deeply impressed by the imagination, author Wu Chengen a powerful and unconstrained style so to Wu Chengen’s chance to take photos must not let go. At the scene, Xiao Kai rubbed with time traces of mottled desk, listening to the theme song of the journey to the west, looking at the Buddhist monk mentoring in front of shuabao, excitedly constantly pressed the shutter, "Huaian is the ancient city, is different from other city characteristics, I also bought a lot of Arts and crafts, cheongsam home for your family." "In charge of the Huaian palace hall, overweening!" "Wu Wei – -" the costume drama on the familiar drama, 20 in the Huaian government staged a uniform, leading or foreigners. From Russia Mike told reporters Huaian intersection, Jiangbei largest government department is the Ming and Qing Dynasties palace, imagine hundreds of years ago, Chinese ancestors here, in the same way, the same tool case, really have a feeling! Huaian District of Huaian city has many places of historic interest and scenic beauty 2500 years ago under the river, ancient history, is important in the history of the transport level and salt distribution center, October 2015, under the river town as Zhou Enlai’s hometown area has been assessed for the state 5A class tourist attractions. In addition, the General Department of canal transportation is the highest authority of the Ming and Qing Dynasties Huaian government department of water transport across the country, is the Ming and Qing Dynasties Jiangbei first house, and "journey to the west" the former residence of Wu Chengen, the founding Prime Minister Zhou Enlai’s former residence, "director of the news department of the Huaian District Propaganda Department Zhu Tianyu said, foreign friends come to Huaian to Jiangsu to further understanding. Rich cultural heritage, and feel the Huaian photo

外国“小鲜肉”齐聚淮安 用镜头记录淮安瞬间 交汇点讯 这个周末,淮安城显得格外热闹。如果你细心一点,就会发现:淮安各景点都被一群年轻的外国小鲜肉“包围了”!而且他们只专注于一件事——拍拍拍!这是怎么回事儿?交汇点记者了解到,11月19日至20日,“洋镜头,新视野——洋眼看江苏”摄影比赛采风团走进淮安市淮安区,在河下古镇、中国漕运博物馆、周恩来故里、吴承恩故居等地用镜头记录下他们眼中的精彩瞬间。餐馆里热气腾腾的茶馓,古镇里坐门口打毛衣的老奶奶,在阳光下昏昏欲睡的家猫……逛了一趟河下古镇,越南帅小伙范德富的相机里多了不少宝贝。他告诉记者,这是自己独自在中国求学的第7个年头,希望通过照片的形式,和家人、朋友分享自己的点滴生活。作为南京大学新闻系大四的学生,范德富对摄影有自己独到的见解:人文摄影是最具生命力的,震撼的人性力量就藏在最平凡的生活中。为了积累更多的人文素材,他利用课余到媒体实习认识社会。每逢假期,背着相机到其他城市抓拍风土人情也成了小范的最爱。来自印度的恺晓是江苏大学医学系的学生,他告诉交汇点记者,为了参加淮安采风的活动,自己一大早就从镇江坐车赶到南京。她表示,自己对中国的传统文化格外着迷,来中国之前,看西游记电视剧,就被作者吴承恩天马行空的想象深深折服,所以,来吴承恩故居采风的机会一定不能放过。在现场,恺晓摩挲着有着岁月斑驳痕迹的书桌,听着西游记的主题曲,看着西天取经的唐僧师徒在面前耍宝,激动地不停摁下快门,“淮安是古城,有着不同于其他城市的特质,我还买了不少手工艺品、旗袍,带回去送给家人。”“执掌淮安府大堂,唯我独尊!”“威–武–”这出古装戏上的熟悉戏码,20日在淮安府署上演了,主角还是清一色的外国人。来自俄罗斯的麦克告诉交汇点记者,淮安府署是明清江北第一大府,想象着几百年前,中国先人在这里,用同样的方式、同样的工具审理案件,真真有种穿越的感觉!“淮安市淮安区拥有众多的名胜古迹,河下古镇距今2500多年历史,是历史上重要的漕运关卡、盐业集散地,2015年10月,河下古镇作为周恩来故里景区被评定为国家5A级旅游景区。此外,总督漕运部院是明清全国漕运的最高管理机构,淮安府署是明清江北第一大府,还有《西游记》作者吴承恩的故居,开国总理周恩来的故居,”淮安区委宣传部新闻科主任朱天羽表示,外国友人来淮安采风,能进一步认识到江苏深厚的文化底蕴,同时感受淮安发展的独特魅力。记者了解到,“洋眼看江苏”活动创办于2012年,是江苏省人民政府新闻办公室着力打造的对外文化交流平台,希望通过生活在江苏的外籍人士的独特视角,向世界宣传、推介江苏。9月20日,2016年“洋镜头 新视野——洋眼看江苏”摄影大赛正式启动。截至目前,大赛已组织三场近百位在苏外国友人,分赴南京和南通、淮安进行采风,深入了解了当地百姓生活,帮助他们更好地融入江苏文化社会建设。交汇点记者 周娴 文 余萍 蒋文超 摄交汇点讯 这个周末,淮安城显得格外热闹。如果你细心一点,就会发现:淮安各景点都被一群年轻的外国小鲜肉“包围了”!而且他们只专注于一件事——拍拍拍!这是怎么回事儿?交汇点记者了解到,11月19日至20日,“洋镜头,新视野——洋眼看江苏”摄影比赛采风团走进淮安市淮安区,在河下古镇、中国漕运博物馆、周恩来故里、吴承恩故居等地用镜头记录下他们眼中的精彩瞬间。 餐馆里热气腾腾的茶馓,古镇里坐门口打毛衣的老奶奶,在阳光下昏昏欲睡的家猫……逛了一趟河下古镇,越南帅小伙范德富的相机里多了不少宝贝。他告诉记者,这是自己独自在中国求学的第7个年头,希望通过照片的形式,和家人、朋友分享自己的点滴生活。作为南京大学新闻系大四的学生,范德富对摄影有自己独到的见解:人文摄影是最具生命力的,震撼的人性力量就藏在最平凡的生活中。为了积累更多的人文素材,他利用课余到媒体实习认识社会。每逢假期,背着相机到其他城市抓拍风土人情也成了小范的最爱。来自印度的恺晓是江苏大学医学系的学生,他告诉交汇点记者,为了参加淮安采风的活动,自己一大早就从镇江坐车赶到南京。她表示,自己对中国的传统文化格外着迷,来中国之前,看西游记电视剧,就被作者吴承恩天马行空的想象深深折服,所以,来吴承恩故居采风的机会一定不能放过。在现场,恺晓摩挲着有着岁月斑驳痕迹的书桌,听着西游记的主题曲,看着西天取经的唐僧师徒在面前耍宝,激动地不停摁下快门,“淮安是古城,有着不同于其他城市的特质,我还买了不少手工艺品、旗袍,带回去送给家人。”“执掌淮安府大堂,唯我独尊!”“威–武–”这出古装戏上的熟悉戏码,20日在淮安府署上演了,主角还是清一色的外国人。来自俄罗斯的麦克告诉交汇点记者,淮安府署是明清江北第一大府,想象着几百年前,中国先人在这里,用同样的方式、同样的工具审理案件,真真有种穿越的感觉!“淮安市淮安区拥有众多的名胜古迹,河下古镇距今2500多年历史,是历史上重要的漕运关卡、盐业集散地,2015年10月,河下古镇作为周恩来故里景区被评定为国家5A级旅游景区。此外,总督漕运部院是明清全国漕运的最高管理机构,淮安府署是明清江北第一大府,还有《西游记》作者吴承恩的故居,开国总理周恩来的故居,”淮安区委宣传部新闻科主任朱天羽表示,外国友人来淮安采风,能进一步认识到江苏深厚的文化底蕴,同时感受淮安发展的独特魅力。记者了解到,“洋眼看江苏”活动创办于2012年,是江苏省人民政府新闻办公室着力打造的对外文化交流平台,希望通过生活在江苏的外籍人士的独特视角,向世界宣传、推介江苏。9月20日,2016年“洋镜头 新视野——洋眼看江苏”摄影大赛正式启动。截至目前,大赛已组织三场近百位在苏外国友人,分赴南京和南通、淮安进行采风,深入了解了当地百姓生活,帮助他们更好地融入江苏文化社会建设。交汇点记者 周娴 文 余萍 蒋文超 摄相关的主题文章: