Focus on the two sides of the South China Sea accelerate urban upgrading, to create livable industry ca1816

Focus on the two sides of the South China Sea: accelerate urban upgrading, to create livable industry brand in the South China sea! To speed up the construction of the foshanxi Railway Station, the new traffic test section, Foshan metro line two and line three rail transportation; the three old transformation is one of the largest in the province at the forefront; "beautiful home" action plan and strategy for the South China Sea Park and more beautiful…… Foshanxi Railway Station is planned for completion in June 2017 put into use for five years, the South China Sea city to vigorously promote the upgrade, continue to improve the management of city construction, strengthen the comprehensive management of the environment, promote the development of regional integration, the urban and rural areas take on an altogether new aspect, the overall image of the city and improve the comprehensive strength! The perfect city function to improve livable quality – traffic network construction for five years, the South China Sea a total investment of 6 billion 523 million yuan to promote the construction of transport facilities, 27 major projects successfully nine South Railway, new Xiqiao bridge, Longwan bridge, was opened to traffic, the highway density reached about 142.77 kilometers per square kilometers, ranking the forefront. In the city road network is improving at the same time, the South China Sea continued to promote the bus expansion and quality, build a three-dimensional traffic system smooth outside pass within, let people travel more convenient and comfortable. The park strategy as early as 2014, China began to implement the strategy of the park, currently has a total construction of highway ecological landscape forest 103 km, Forest Park 2, wetland 3, new construction and renovation and expansion of the municipal park, community park 115. Qiandeng Lake Park, Li Gui waterfront space, Kowloon Park, Dali Yayao wetland park…… Today, large and small, urban green lungs throughout the South China Sea, not only for the public to provide more leisure and entertainment venues, but also to the South China Sea in the city between the cement bloom a different color. The United States House – action plan at the same time, the South China Sea and actively implement the "home action plan", and comprehensively promote the construction of livable urban and rural areas, and vigorously promote the transformation of old villages and villages, road landscape reconstruction and building the "five in one" transformation. After careful planning, now the water in the river, art Xiqiao Pine Village, Danzao "island lakes" and quality engineering has become a beautiful brand in South China sea. At the same time, the three old transformation in the city constantly polish the new brand, the South China Sea in the "old" efforts. Since the promotion of the three old transformation policy, the South China Sea has completed the transformation of an area of 14 thousand and 600 acres, the size of the province ranks the forefront of the scale, a strong impetus to urban renewal. The South China Sea also approved a national new urbanization integrated pilot, the state management of rural collective construction land market pilot, the national "gauge" pilot reform in Guangdong Province, a new round of deepening the transformation of the "three old" comprehensive pilot. To strengthen the comprehensive management of the environment construction of ecological city in order to build and economic strength to match the image of the city, the South China Sea city in addition to strengthening the hardware construction, improve the service functions of the city, also in the whole region launched the "environmental protection storm", through the improvement of system and structure, strengthen the comprehensive management of the environment, the implementation of sophisticated management, realize the sustainable development of ecological construction the. The South China Sea environmental protection – the complete transcript of yellow car out of the task, the elimination of all kinds of yellow car 70 thousand; – to fight against illegal sewage behavior, investigation and environmental law cases 1869, arrested 77 people; the completion of garbage incineration power plant 2,!相关的主题文章: