Fan Bingbing lost to Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun ” July + Anson ” why won the Golden Hors

Fan Bingbing lost to Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun   " July + Anson " why won the Golden Horse – the media – original title: "July + peace" why won "Pan Jinlian prize" Ma Sichun (left) and Dongyu Zhou (right) play a kiss. Fan Bingbing did not win the prize to get the best director of the comfort of Feng Xiaogang. The fifty-third Taiwan Film Awards announced last night, the biggest topic of conversation is the best actress award went to Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun, before the high voice of Fan Bingbing empty handed. Just when everyone was busy, Fan Bingbing said, "there’s a best horse in the house."!" The winner excited Dongyu Zhou called Ma Sichun believe that marry glorify and illuminate the ancestors, the fifty-third annual Golden Horse Awards ended, the most notable is the best actress in a "double yellow egg". Dongyu Zhou exclamation can win with her sister, the feeling can not describe, only know very happy. Interestingly, when the award was announced, Feng Xiaogang shouted out the name of the first, the audience cheered for her on the occasion, and heard the name of Ma Sichun, the mood is like riding a roller coaster, Ma Sichun could not help but burst into tears. To receive the award, Dongyu Zhou was incoherent, while for the Golden Horse Award bow even said the 3 thanks, one would say that they glorify and illuminate the ancestors cute amused the audience. In front of the lottery Ma Sichun said his concern: "if nominated, will get married?" As a result, she really won the award, the marriage is quite yearning for Ma Sichun immediately self encouragement, I believe that the good girl as long as the efforts or get married." Laugh over the whole game. The Golden Horse best actress first "egg yolk", many outside buzz. In fact, this is not the first Golden Horse Award in the same Awards 2 winners in the past, the best actor, best newcomer, actress appeared "yolked eggs, this is only the first" with 2 actors award". A horse "egg yolk" happened recently in 2009, in the forty-sixth annual Golden Horse Awards, Nick Cheung ("witness") and Huang Bo ("bull") won the best actor. Earlier in 2004 forty-first annual Golden Horse Awards, Yang Ning (17 years old? "The sky") and Hong Hao? ("hug") won the best newcomer. In 1991 twenty-eighth the Golden Horse Award for best supporting actress, who won 4 senior actress Wang Lai ("push") and Pan Dihua ("days of being wild") award. Fan Bingbing said she has not lost a loser’s best "horse" Fan Bingbing in the "I am not Pan Jinlian" does not rely on beautiful appearance, a girl is sure. The night before the ceremony, she sat through, waiting for the awards announced more than also actively cooperate with all kinds of ridicule, such as the award for best supporting actress awards she hasn’t appeared was used jokingly claimed to be "natto, Taiwan version of Dalang he shouted to meet" Pan Jinlian "," show deep knowledge Fan Ye quickly responded: "I’m not Pan Jinlian." Eric Tsang, Derek Tsang and a family of three came to power on the award, the topic is not open around the opening of the of the. Eric Tsang joked: "as long as the award will not win the award", the lens immediately swept to the相关的主题文章: