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Expert: Chinese with more 052D warship air force has been ranked third in the world Chinese Navy in 2016 will receive more new 052D class battleship satellite news in Moscow in February 12, an "expert" satellite news agency interviewed said that with the increase of China people’s Liberation Army Air Force and naval power, American dominance in the Western Pacific will have a problem. In 2016 Chinese will receive 052D missile destroyer more. Previously, the Ministry of defense official confirmed that the aircraft carrier China independent construction plan. Chinese also with Russia in the autumn of the year 2015 signed the imported 24 Su -35 fighter contract model. Hampshire Institute of international security studies professor Michael · Claire (Michael Klare) pointed out that, until recently, the United States has been the overlord of the western pacific. Claire said: "from South Korea to Philippines, Australia, Singapore and allied military bases. The United States Navy and air force advantage to protect the United States in the region of the strong." He believes that with the increase of Chinese people’s Liberation Army Navy and air force strength of the American dominance in the Western Pacific will have a problem. He said: "the countries of the region will make a choice, is to continue to cooperate with the United States, or to Chinese, or remain neutral." The United States Rand Co think-tank policy analyst David · Sheila Parker (David Shlapak) believes that the possibility of military Chinese is obviously enhanced in. He said: "China currently has the same advanced weapon system (The Pentagon referred to as’ A2AD ‘), ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, modern air defense system and so on, like other world powers." He pointed out that Chinese forces in all aspects are stronger than 20 years or 10 years ago. Sheila Parker believes that the main weakness is Chinese military readiness, joint operations, logistics, and lack of practical experience. "International aviation magazine" (Flight International) in the 2015 Air Force announced at the end of the world rankings. China ranked third, behind the United States and russia. According to the magazine, the United States has 13717 military aircraft, Russia has 3547 aircraft, 2942 aircraft China. The magazine said: "the number of military aircraft Chinese in 2015 an increase of 80. Chinese now has more than 1500 military aircraft and more than 800 military helicopters, including the latest model of straight -19 helicopter."

专家:中国将配更多052D战舰空军战力已排世界第三 中国海军2016年将接收更多新型052D级战舰   卫星新闻莫斯科2月12日电 接受“卫星”新闻通讯社采访的专家表示,随着中国人民解放军空军和海军实力的增强,美国对西太平洋的支配将出现问题。   中国将在2016年接收更多的052D型导弹驱逐舰。此前,中国国防部官方证实自主建造航空母舰的计划。中国还与俄罗斯在2015年秋签署了进口24架苏-35新型歼击机的合同。   汉普郡学院研究国际安全的教授迈克尔·克莱尔(Michael Klare)指出,直到不久之前,美国一直是西太平洋的霸主。   克莱尔说:“从日韩到菲律宾、澳大利亚、新加坡都有美军的基地和盟军。美国海军和空军的优势保障了美国在该地区的强大。”   他认为,随着中国人民解放军海军和空军实力的增强,美国对西太平洋的支配将出现问题。   他说:“该地区的国家将作出抉择,是继续与美国合作,还是靠向中国,或者保持中立。”   美国智囊机构兰德公司政策分析员大卫·席拉帕克(David Shlapak)认为,中国的军事可能性显然是在增强的。   他说:“中国目前拥有同样先进的武器系统(五角大楼称之为‘A2AD’)、弹道导弹、巡航导弹、现代化的防空系统等等,跟世界其他强国一样。”   他指出,中国军队在各方面都要比20年或10年前强大。   席拉帕克认为,中国军队的主要弱点是战备、联合行动、物流、以及缺乏实战经验等。   《国际航空杂志》(Flight International)于2015年底公布了世界各国空军排名。中国名列第三,仅次于美国和俄罗斯。据该杂志称,美国有13717架军用航空器,俄罗斯有3547架,中国有2942架。   该杂志称:“中国的军用航空器数量在2015年增加了80架。中国现在有超过1500架军用飞机和800多架军用直升机,其中包括最新型的直-19直升机。”相关的主题文章: