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News-and-Society I have heard it said so many times, that if you make a nice garden, everyone else in the street will try to have a nice garden too. Everyone else isn’t like the person who says that, and they should not assume that this is so. People can admire things without lusting after them. As far as the gardening goes, not everyone else enjoys gardening anyway. We are just using gardens as an example here but it also applies equally well to those who hunger after money and great wealth. To assume that everyone’s greatest desire in life is to be wealthy is a fallacy. This fallacy and wrongful assumption is partly what has led us all ‘down the garden path’ and into this global financial crises. The whole world does not lust after money. Money is a tool; nothing more, nothing less. Everyone needs money the same as a person needs keys to get through a locked door; but that doesn’t mean that one lusts after it. Money is the key to a very comfortable life. A life without money troubles, creditors phoning you up every month, Holidays/vacations at the drop of a hat without saving money for months to have one. Or perhaps you lust after a garage full of antique cars and the latest vehicles. Money gives one all those things, but how many houses can you live in? How many cars can you actually drive at the same time? How much food can you actually eat? When does money lust finally get called greed? Or is that a five letter, foul word in today’s money hungry environment? It is just too obvious to mention the people dying of starvation around the world. I’m sure some of you know the story of the Dog in the Manger. If not, write to me and I’ll tell you all about the miserable cur. When so many people around the western world are in dire financial straits due to Wall street and other multinational corporations greed, when are we, the people, going to get the courage to stand up for ourselves and say that great wealth is not what we want? What is wrong with voicing the fact that I, as a person, do not want or expect great wealth? Why can’t wealth be considered as a tool, a commodity to be shared around, and those who do the most sharing, willingly, be accorded the same or more respect than that paid to those few who have great wealth today and abuse the respect given to them by any number of sycophants? Personally, I would hate to have people like me or pay me respect simply because I had a few extra noughts on a piece of paper with my name on it. I know I’m worth more than that. I am happiest when I have enough to eat, a roof over my head, enough clothes in my wardrobe for the seasons, and can pay my bills. This allows me to spend time thinking about other aspects of life. Thinking is one thing that no one can take away from you. Well, not yet anyway, but over the centuries, many dictatorships and other political bodies have tried. The closest these people have got to it so far, is in the world we live in today My Grandmother’s favourite saying was there are many ways to skin a cat. She never had anything against cats, but the visualisation for us cat-loving kids drove her point home. Today’s cheap TV programming that the station owners put on free-to-air TV for the masses; is the closest thing I know about for dumbing down a population and stopping people from actually thinking. If you aren’t a bit choosy about what you chose to spend your time watching, you can be lulled into a brain-dead, lustful and lazy zombie. Reality shows are some of the cheapest TV programming available today and they appeal to people’s voyeurism. This tends to take the place of life for some people and gives them an excuse for not living their own reality. Some people recognise this social problem while others prefer to pooh-pooh it; so it simply backs up the fact that different folks need different pokes to activate what drives them About the Author: 相关的主题文章: